The popular reality shows Bigg Boss Jodigal is on its hype because of its amazing concept and the contestants of the show. The Vijay TV reality show Bigg Boss Jodigal has been running for the last few months and entertaining every contestant but now, it seems that the end of the show is here because the show is going to on its end and fans are eagerly waiting to watch the Grand Finale of the show as soon as possible.

bb jodigal grand finale

The biggest event of the reality show is about to happen today and the watchers eagerly want to know that who is going to be the winner of this season. From every corner of the Tamil state, the audience just wants to show the extreme Grand Finale of the show.

Bigg Boss Jodigal Winner Name Anitha and Shariq

Every year, the fans of Bigg Boss are growing the hype of the show and waiting for the next season. Well, the name of the winner is yet to announce but the rumors or the name of the winner have been leaked on the Internet.

There are few contestants are left in the show and those names are Sam Sekhar, Anitha, Mohan Vaidhya, Samyuktha Shan, Jithan Ramesh, Ajeedh Khalique, and Sharia are the main contestants of the show. While the winner of the show will become of them.

The chair of judges has been handling by experienced judges such as actor Nakhul and actress Ramya Krishnan and on the other side, there are Oviya Lasliya, Sakshi Agarwal, and Abhirami are the guest of the show.

Who Won BB Jodigal Prize Title?

Many rumors are surfing on the Internet and it seems that the fans are going crazy for the final announcement but how it will feel when you realize that you know the winner’s name. So, there are many rumors surfing on the Internet that Anitha and Shariq are going to be the winner of the Bigg Boss Jodigal. Still, the names of the winner is not clear but the rumors are claiming the same.

Anitha and Shariq are some of the best couples of the show who has been giving their excellent performance for the fans and loving by millions of watchers across the world. They are close to grabbing the title of Bigg Boss Jodigal.

Bigg Boss Jodigal: Contestant List

  • Som Shekar & Shivani Narayanan
  • Fathima Babu & Mohan Vaithya
  • Nisha & Dadi Balaji
  • Sendrayan & Julie
  • Gabriella Charlton & Aajeedh
  • Vanitha, Shariq & Samyuktha,
  • Anitha Sampath & Jithan Ramesh

Bigg Boss Jodigal Grand Finale

All these are the contestants of the Grand Finale and everyone is expecting who will win today. The Grand Finale will take place on Sunday, September 19, 2021, at 03:00 PM IST.

Now, you can also watch the latest episode on Disney+ Hotstar, and Vijay TV is the original network of the show which has been premiering this interesting show for the last many days, and now, the final day of the show has come where two finalists will be declared.

You can also support your favorite contestant by giving your previous vote to them and just you will have to follow some steps that will bring your favorite contestants near victory. You just need to visit the official website of Bigg Boss Jodigal and follow the procedure to cast your vote for your favorite contestant.


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