Actor and former Big Boss participant, Ajaz Khan has been arrested in Mumbai by Khar police for making some shocking remarks during a video talk on a popular social platform. He was heavily on his attack on BJP for targeting the Muslim community. His arrest was requested by many netizens who ran a trend and demanded immediate action.

On Wednesday, Ajaz Khan shared a live video from his Facebook account. In this video, Ajaz is seen saying that the Muslims are questioned for everything if an ant dies, the Muslim is responsible, the elephant died, the Muslim is responsible, there is an earthquake in Delhi, all the Muslims are responsible. That the Muslims are targeted everywhere but, the real ones involved in this conspiracy are hidden.

While talking to a live chat with fans on Wednesday, he said that BJP is responsible for all the happenings. He further said in the video that the entire matter has been directed to communalism rather than focusing on the actual situation of pandemic going on in India. Ajaz also blamed the political parties for the crowd gathered at Bandra station. He even went on the length by saying, those individuals who are spreading the bogus news in the nation, get infected by Corona.

Ajaz Khan

Ajaz had said many things in the video and some people did not like it at all, soon after they started demanding the arrest of Ajaz on social media. They even ran a trend by using the tag #Arrest_Ajaz_Khan on Twitter. And, on Saturday, he was arrested by the Mumbai Police for making these objectionable remarks. Ajaz was booked under IPC sections 153A, 117, 121, 117, 188, 501, 504, 505 (2).

A Mumbai Police official said on Saturday that actor and former Bigg Boss contestant Ajaz Khan has been arrested for uploading objectionable Facebook posts. He said that Ajaz Khan was called to Khar police station in connection with the remarks made during Facebook Live and then he was arrested. He further said, ‘He has been charged under Section 153A and others of IPC. The investigations are on to find the people behind, for promoting the enmity between the two communities.

Though, this is not the first time, Ajaz Khan has been arrested many times in the past before on charges for spreading hate and assault in the party. He was arrested in July last year for posting objectionable videos and in October 2018 he was arrested on charges of possessing drugs. Apart from this, Ajaz Khan has been accused of attacking a model during a fashion show.


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