Today we are going to talk about Bollywood’s beautiful actress Sana Khan. Yes, recently Sana khan has come in the headlines which are that Sana khan is doing goodbye to the Bollywood industry. We will tell you about every aspect related to this news in detail in this article.

sana khan

On Thursday, the Bollywood actress shared a long note on her Instagram account in which she is reported to be leaving the entertainment industry citing religious reasons, after announcing that she is no longer part of the Bollywood entertainment industry.

Let us tell you that Sana khan is known for his dedication towards his work, although he had just started making his mark in Bollywood and now this announcement has shocked everyone.

Sana Khan is an actress as well as a model. He has worked in many films. He has acted not only in Hindi but also in Malayalam, Tamil, Kannada, and Telugu language films, and also she works with Salman Khan in his film Jayho Served as the lead role. Sana was still spreading the magic of her light that this note raises millions of questions in the minds of people.

sana khan

Why and for whom Sana did this, he gave the news through his note in which he said that “all kinds of fame, honor and wealth”, but has realized that he should not make “wealth and fame” the only goal. She said that from now on, she would “serve humanity and obey the order of her creator.”

With this, he said at the beginning of the post That I thank everyone for giving me so much love and at the same time I am thankful to all those who gave me so much love but now I will sacrifice all these and take time for my Allah and dedicate my life to them because in the last few days One thought comes from my mind that is the purpose of human life only to earn money? I have been searching for the answer to this question for a long time, so I have decided that I will dedicate my life to the needy and God, that is the reason why I am leaving the entertainment industry.

sana khan notes

He also wrote at the end of the note that whoever needs my help can ask for help from me anytime. I will always continue to help them. It also wrote that it was “my happiest moment. May Allah help me and guide me on this journey.”


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