Closely, the days of Bigg Boss Telugu final is coming, the watchers are going crazy and excited to watch the latest upcoming episode of the reality show. After several evictions in the house, the fans were waiting to know that which contestant has more chances to go out of the house.

Bigg Boss 5 Telugu

Well, there were some expectations that Anee Master and RJ Kajal have more chances to go out this weekend as of November 21, 2021. But unfortunately, the excitement of the fans took a new turn yesterday when the host of the show, took the name of the game-changer of the house, Anee Master. Yes, the Anee Master has been evicted from the house this weekend.

Bigg Boss 5 Telugu Elimination

Well, there is no official announcement in the house taken yet but the sources are claiming that at the last moment, the name of Priyanka Singh and Anee Master will be taken and Anee Master will have to leave this house as soon as possible. Anee Master and Priyanka Singh are in the danger zone and one of them will go out of the show tonight.

After this eviction will take place, there will be eight contestants in the house for the further game. Most of the watchers are voting for their favorite contestant of the house.

Now, the big news is coming out in the house as it will surprise the housemates of the show. According to the sources, all the family members of the housemates will have to live in three days quarantine before entering the house to meet their family members.

Bigg Boss 5 Telugu Voting Results Trends

The family member of Priyanka Singh will also come in the house that will surprise her. On the other side, Anee Master begged for the votes in the previous episodes but now, he couldn’t survive in the house any longer.

He entertained the watchers a lot with his lovely behavior but he couldn’t succeed to get the good votes from their fans to stay in the house. So, let’s move to the final episode of the show and it will be interesting to know that the final episode is about to appear in the house and fans are high expecting something different before the Grand Finale.

As per the outside sources, the watchers are expecting to see VJ Sunny or Sreerama Chandra as a winner of the show but as we know that only one contestant can win the show and the official name has not been announced yet. Even, the rumors are not surfing on social media. So, let’s wait for the official announcement of the winner and as well as of the evicted housemate.


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