The entertainment is never going down until the Bigg Boss Tamil Season 5 ends. Maybe, the show is not going to end too soon because there are lots of things still waiting to appear on the show and fans are going crazy to watch every single episode and eviction of the show. Well, there are many more contestants left in the show and it will be amazing to watch all of them on the show with their performance and behavior.

Bigg Boss 5 Telugu 17th October 2021

They have played well tasks in the house and even, some contestants fought with each other and argued as well. Well, the day of eviction has come of the show and everyone is waiting for the final announcement.

Bigg Boss 5 Telugu Elimination

  • Swetaa Varma

All the watchers want to know that which contestant has more chances to go out from this show in the upcoming episode but it has not been revealed that who can go out of this show tonight? The final announcement has not been made yet but some expectations and rumors are surfing on social media that revealing who will go out of the show.

Well, the show is on the sixth week and there are 14 contestants left in the house of Bigg Boss and according to the sources, it is rumoring that contestant Swetaa Varma has more chances to go out of the show tonight.

Bigg Boss 5 Telugu Elimination Final Voting Result

  • Shanmukh – (24.66%) votes
  • Sunny – (19.06%) votes
  • Sreerama – (4.77%) votes
  • Ravi – (7.32%) votes
  • Siri – (6.03%) votes
  • Priyanka – (5.62%) votes
  • Jessie – (5.26%) votes
  • Maanas – (5.15% ) votes
  • Lobo – (5.11%) votes
  • Sweta – (4.82%) votes (Danger)
  • Vishwa – (4.81%) votes (Danger)

We have already seen on Monday last week that Priyanka Singh, Lobo, Shanmukh, Ravi, Sreeram, Vishwa, Siri, Sunny, Swetaa, and Jaswanth are on the list of nominations. Among all of them, Swetaa’s name is coming out as she will eliminate from this show tonight. In the previous episode, the watchers also noticed that Swetaa also got punishment for violating the rules of the Bigg Boss house.

Not only this but she also came into a fight with Anne Master during the task. After all of them, Swetaa tried to show her best in the show to become one of the best contestants but maybe, the host doesn’t like her behavior.

On the other side, Lobo has also some chances that he could also ejected from this show tonight and he will say his last goodbye to all the housemates. Lobo has been sent to the secret room and it was the first time in the show that someone is going in secret room. Host Nagarjuna will confront some housemates for their behaviour in the last week.

Bigg Boss 5 Telugu Eliminated Contestants List

Sr No. Contestant Name Status
1 Sarayu Suman Eliminated
2 Uma Devi Eliminated
3 Lahari Shari Eliminated
4 Nataraj Master Eliminated
5 Hamida Eliminated
5 Swetaa Varma Eliminated

Lobo will says to him that he was unaware of the rule that they should not damage any kind of property of the BB house. He was just following Ravi’s instructions blindly during the task. Nagarjuna warned him not to repeat this mistake again.

While, Nagarjuna will also tell Siri to pay attention over other that what are they telling you. Along with this, Anne Master will being pointed out by Nagarjuna because of his senseless attitude during the task of the show. Later, Anne will realize his mistake and apologize to Siri.

Now, many more things will happen inside the house tonight and host Nagarjuna will show his excellent entry and announce that who is going to eliminate from this show tonight. So, let’s wait for the latest episode of the show.


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