The hype of Bigg Boss Tamil 5 is all set to entertain the watchers once again. It has been a long day since India’s popular reality show has been entertaining the watchers with lots of amazing moments of the house and fans are going every day to watch the most loving reality shows where arguments, love, and fights are the basic rule of the house.

bigg boss 5 tamil

Well, all these things have come become a part of the viewer’s life. The most important things have been running in the house and as we have seen in the last episode, the episode starts with some interesting things such as Ciby and Abhishek continuing their morning as the reporters.

Bigg Boss 5 Tamil Elimination

They ask Thamarai and Varun to discuss how to earn the love of Thamarai in the house. Priyanka asked Thamarai about her ongoing relationship with Imman. On the other side, Ciby asks about the dishes cooked by Thamarai and how she liked to cook the dishes.

Many things got to watch in the house and because of this, in the last scene of the BB, everyone was seen apologizing to Thamarai as it was just a prank in the house to entertain everyone. While Thamarai is annoyed even though everyone asks sorry to him.

Bigg Boss Tamil Telugu Nominations List – Elimination Week 9 – Voting Results

  • Abhinay
  • Abishek
  • Akshara
  • Ciby
  • Imman
  • Pavani
  • Priyanka
  • Raju
  • Thamarai

Well, fans are excited to watch the next episode of the show and it will be interesting to watch that the show will come with some amazing twists and turns. After the last night, the house will come with a new morning and some new tasks including fights, and arguments will take place in the house.

Bigg Boss Tamil Season 5 Missed Call Numbers Voting Results

  • Abhinay – 83677-96801
  • Abishek – 83677-96802
  • Akshara – 83677-96803
  • Ciby – 83677-96805
  • Imman – 83677-96806
  • Pavani – 83677-96813
  • Priyanka – 83677-96814
  • Raju – 83677-96815
  • Thamarai – 83677-96817
  • Varun – 83677-96818

There were 18 contestants in the house but because of Namitha Marimuthu, who went because of her personal reasons, the show started to begin with 17 contestants. Among all, Chinnaponnu, Madhimita, Nadia Sang, Abhishek Raja, and Madhumita were evicted from the house of Bigg Boss.

The last weak was a little upsetting for the fans because Kamal Hassan was suffering from Covid complication and Ramya Krishnan hosted the show on behalf of. On the other side, Ikea Perry also left the Bigg Boss house.

Well, the latest promo of the Bigg Boss shows that Nirupam yells at Priyanka where she says to her,” You were just kalayccittu ukkantu kalayccittu, I want to say kalayccingale why?”. On the other side, Abhishek says that if there is any kind of problem with me, come and talk to me, why are they shouting?” There will be an argument between Priyanka and Nirupam. So, get ready to watch the next episode of the show that will be premiered tonight.


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