Nagarjuna Reality Show Reaching on the Peak and encouraging for audiences, after the wildcards Entry The Shows Become Quite Entertaining and Funny and some time High Voltage Drama, according to the audience reviews Avinash doing good in the show, and he takes the responsibility of Entertainment Factor after Amma Rajasekhar and Gangavva, The Today’s Episode is One More Example of the Entertainment Show.

Sohel Bigg Boss 4 telugu

Bigg Boss 4 Telugu 9th October 2020 Written Update

After becoming the New Captain of the house Sohel Looking Fine and Funny, He is Showing his Funny side In the today Episode While In the Morning all the contestants Enjyod the Morning Dance, Sohail Show’s her Funny Dance Moves and Another side of his character, You usually seems him angry and short temper issue, But he seems like he can handle every kind of situations, Sohel improving day by day most genuine, open-minded aggressive, kind, true friend, all the above good entertainer, Strong contestant.

Sohel Talking with the Bigg Boss On Camera and Telling Bigg Boss Please Gives us water, There is no water in the house for Drinking, Bigg Boss doesn’t insult me, This is my first day of the captainship In the Funny sarcasm way, After Finished his matter with Bigg Boss, Sohel says to Noel Now Bigg Boss Will Us Water on the Count of 3 he open Tab, But Bigg Boss didn’t Give water, Monal and Noel Laughing Very Badly and Enjoying the moment.

In the Afternoon Bigg Boss gathered all the contestants in the Living area, and Bigg Boss announcing another Funny Task for Avinash Because Bigg Boss Already Impressed with Avinash Funny Skills and the way the makes the smile on the Human Face, Bigg Boss asked him to stand up on the Living area center sofa. and allow him to react as Bigg Boss react to things in the house, each contestant will give him one reaction on these reactions Avinash has to react it as Bigg Boss do.

Avinash Once Again Proving himself One of the best comedian in the Industry, One By One all the contestants giving the gesture of reactions, Avinash Rection on this situation like Bigg Boss do In his Own Version, Avinash makes all the hard laugh and especially while flirting with the girls, don’t miss today’s episode on Vijay TV at 9:30 Pm. Stay Tuned For More Updates!


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