Let’s take a look at what has happened in the last four days before Bigg Boss Season 4 goes into Thursday’s charms. As part of this week’s Eliminations, seven contestants are in the nominations. Sohail and Ariana in the secret room come into the house and get into an argument with the family members. A fierce war is going on between Abhijit and Sohail. While Gangava is doing full entertainment with a single hand, contestants are competing with each other very well. Discussions on Kattappa in the house are going on strongly among the members of the house.

Bigg Boss 4 Telugu September 10, 2020 Written Update: Who Is Kattapa of the House!

When it comes to the highlights of the 5th episode of Thursday. Divi, who has been dumb without even a single dialogue since she came into the house, Open up in today’s episode. Bigg Boss was asked to state his opinion about the members of the household. With this Divi expressed her opinion that the pot was breaking as if it was about everyone. The first started with Akil‌. Akhil being a model and Divi says that it would be better to change his behavior and walking style as well. Speaking of Gangava. they are adapting to that level. However, she said that she would cry if they cried. With this, Gangava gave savage replay that made her cry. Do I care if they cry??

Speaking about Abhijit, Divi said that it would be better to reduce Abhi’s anger a bit. Lasya is very sensitive and takes everything personally. Also, Monal is hyperactive. It is better not to cry for every little thing that cries. If you cry for everything like this, we will not care if you cry in a serious issue. Noel seems to have come up with a definite game plan as well as Kalyani seems to be overdoing it a bit. she wants to be in a hurry for everything and then try to put her finger on everything. Also Surya Kiran. it would be better to reduce his anger. Divi said that Rajasekhar is the most entertainer in the house and sometimes it would be better if they stop making rotten jokes. However, the family applauded Divi for saying that there was almost everything about the Housemates. At the end, Divi says that she is following everyone. She is not out of frame but she is not involved in useless discussions.

Bigg Boss gave the Luxury Budget task of squeezing the tomato juice to the household members. In season 2, if you were given any task to put in a bottle of sugarcane juice flour. Now you are given tomatoes in the sugarcane place. Bigg Boss announced that they would split into four teams. that there would be three in each team. that they would collect the tomatoes and put the juice in the cans. Whoever gets the most cans of tomato juice will be the winner. However, Suryakiran will be the director of this task while Ariana and Sohail will be the quality managers. With this the tomatoes caught. Competing with each other in the juice pudding and fell on the bottom. However, it is not known who will win the juice game tomorrow’s episode. Bigg Boss has given another task to find out who is Kattappa in the house.

Overall, Thursday’s episode went smoothly. The rest of the celebrities were not much impressed except Divi and Gangavva. Even the task of squeezing that tomato juice did not go smoothly. Bigg Boss updates continue. More details in tomorrow’s episode.


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