Bigg Boss Telugu running in the 5th week successfully, Bigg Boss Telugu coming back to one track day by day, after starting the Indian Biggest League of the Cricket IPL2020, Bigg Boss Telugu Viewship getting Low due to In India Everyone Likes Cricket, So Bigg Boss Makers and Contestants Giving Right Amount of the Entertainment Dose to the audience then Show coming on Right on Track.

Bigg Boss 4 Telugu 8th October 2020 Written Episode Update

This week’s Nomination Task has been done due to Nine contestants are Nominated for this week, according to the Voting Polls Sujata and Amma can be Eliminated this week, But this unofficial Polls, we will provide you every single update on time so don’t worry about it.

Bigg Boss Gives the Captaincy Task to the Housemates Named BY BB Hotel Task, The task is running for the past two days in the house, Every once tries hard to Earn Monday to win the Task, Specially Akhil, Abhijeet, Amma, Sohail, Mahboob, Monal. Bigg Boss announced that Task Time in Finished.

Bigg boss asks to the results of the Task to housemates, Whom and Highest Money and Stars, In this Abhijeet Team Earn 5 Starts and Abijeet announced it, Mahboob and Sohail are in the Little argument, Because they don’t have enough Stats to Become a Captaincy Contender.

After a lot of Fight and Arguments between contestants, Bigg Boss reached to the Result on the bases of Highest Money Collector, In this Task Avinash, Akhil and Sohail, are Highest Money and They become Captaincy Contender and Bigg Boss will Another Task to Compete with 3 of them.

Next Morning Every once gets and Dance on Morning Dance with New Joy and Starts, Bigg Boss Gives Task to the Captaincy Contenders which is Avinash, Akhil, and Sohail, In the Task, Bigg Boss Defines the Task in the Garden Area, 3 templates In They have to Stand in the template With Takes 2 Bowls Ice In His Hands, Captaincy Contenders have to stand with Ice on his Hand as Much they Can.

The Task Have Been Started all of 3 Takes the positions firstly Akhil Tries Very Hard and he falls down and Out of the Captaincy Task, and some time Avinash also fall down and the Only Contestant Sohail Win the Task and Become Captain of the House, Stay Tuned For More Updates!


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