Nagarjuna shows Bigg Boss 4 Telugu brought up one more Interesting and Entertainment episode, Bigg Boss Telugu 4 Makers Trying Hard to get more attention from the audience and they are doing well and Bigg Boss 4 Telugu audience Increasing day by day, The fourth week Final Day with full of Fun and Stressed full for the Nominated Contestants.

Bigg Boss 4 Telugu 4th October 2020 Written Eepisode Update: Swathi Deekshith Not Eliminated!

On the Elimination day Swathi Deekshith, Mahboob, Sohel are In the Danger Zone, Rest of the Three Contestants Kumar Sai, Abhijeet, Lasya are Safe From Elimination Accnoced By the Host Nagarjuna But In this Swathi Deekshith, Mahboob, Sohel can anyone Eliminate In today episode or Not.

According to the Online Voting Polls and Trends, Mahboob gets fewer Votes competing rest of the nominate contestants, So we Can get the Guess the Mahboob can Eliminate Today But On the Other Side Swathi Deekshith also gets Fewer votes, and their very less difference in between of Both of them.

In the Today Promo of Bigg Boss 4, Telugu Released By Star Maa On Social Media, In this Nagarjuna called all the nominate Contestants in the Garden area, and there is already design the Top 5 Contestants Position, Nagarjuna asks to nominate Contestants to stand according to you In front of Top 5 Contestants Position.

In this task according to Promo Swathi Deekshith Eliminated From Bigg Boss House, Because she didn’t enough votes to save herself in the house, But According to Our Sources, There is No Elimination In Today Episode, Bigg Boss Called off this week Elimination.

Once More Promo wee saw On Social Media, In Nagarjuna having a fun time with all the housemates and playing various games this time, This time Nagarjuna Promoting the Exchange the Gender It’s Means Nagarjuna Makes Boys will wear Ladies Clothes and Ladies will wear the Gents Clothes Have a Look On this Clip.


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