Bigg Boss 4 Telugu Back with One Another Episode full of Entertainment and Immunes, Twist and Turns, Bigg Boss Makers Till Never Lose any Point to not entertain the audience, After complete 4 weeks, Bigg Boss Reached in End of 5th Week.

Bigg Boss 4 Telugu

After Completing the Captaincy Task, Bigg Boss Finally Kumar Sai Become the Captain of the House with His Hard work and dedication in the Task, Yesterday he competes with 3 other Housemates Amma, Harika, and Sujata, and Win the Captaincy Task.

In Today Episode Bigg Boss Called Akhil Sarthak In the Confession Room, Rest of the Housemates are Watching Him On the Tv Screen From the House, Bigg Boss Talking with the Akhil Sarthak, and Akhil also Interacting with Bigg Boss.

According to the Promo Released By Star Maa Akhil Sarthak come into the Confession Room, But didn’t go back into the house, After the conversation, It seems like the new Twist coming on the way, It’s Might be sent in the Seacret Room By Bigg Boss Or Somewhere else Bigg Boss not revels Till Now.

All housemates are in Shock due to Akhil Sarthak never back in the house, Some of Akhil Sarthak Haters are happy due to he not in the show, But we will revels here on soon.

Bigg Boss Gives another Task to the House Mates Which is The BB Fashion Show, All Contestants have to give the Ramp Walk with their Costumes, The All Boys will be worn Kurta Pajama and Gives will be applied Saree.

All the Contestants Looking Stunning in their Costumes and Gives Their Performance Once By One, After this Avinash having fun with all the Girls, It’s Looking Like the Girls Trying to Impress Him.

Once again Gangavva win the audience hearth with the Funny Punch On the Timing, Along with Avinash, Avinash Flirting with all the girls in the house, and Enjoying the Moments, Stay Safe Keep In Touch with us for More Updates!


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