The final day of the ‘Killer Coins’ Task, Finally today we gets the Captain of the house for this week, Gangavva Captaincy Tenure has been finished, It’s time to Find new Captain of the House, After Two day of the ‘Killer Coins’ Task, The Final Stage of the Task has come to ends, Bigg Boss Finds the 4 Contenders of the Captaincy Task.

Bigg Boss 4 Telugu 1st October 2020 Written Episode Update: Kumar Sai New Captain Of the House!

Bigg Boss announced the time limit of the Task has been finished and now you need to protect their Disks Till the Next to the Bigg Boss Next Announcements, Once again the Planning plotting of the contestants has been started Because They don’t have enough Disk compare to other contestants.

Sohel and Amma Rajashekar discussion about captaincy, Sohel offers him if he gives his disks and supports him in this captaincy task so then can you give me any advantage of his captaincy, In the response, Amma Rajashekar also gives a tricky answer to him,

Yesterday Bigg Boss said to all the housemates Bigg Boss sending a Power coin, If they get the Power coin then you will win the special power, After some time Bigg Boss suddenly throw the Power Coin and Mahboob Took it But It’s was a useless Coin, all housemates making fun of Mahboob and pulling his leg, they spending some fun time.

On More Time Bigg Boss Throw Power Coin the garden Area and Sujata Tooks the Coin and Win the Special Power, The Power of the Coin is Sujata gets Directly Conterdership of the Captaincy task Bigg Boss Choose her one Contender of the Captaincy Task.

Bigg Boss finds contenders for the Captaincy task. Amma Rajashekar, Kumar Sai, Harika, Sujata Bigg Boss announced They four are contender of the Captaincy Task and Bigg Boss Gives One More Task In the Morning Will decide the Who is the Captain of the Hosue.

In the Morning Bigg Boss play and all contestants enjoying the morning dance, After some time Bigg Boss gives the Captaincy Task, In the Garden Area Bigg Boss Makes a Mud Ground In the Limited Box Captaincy contenders have to find the Disk in from Mud and put into the Bucket. Bigg Boss Telugu 4 Contestants Salary Or Remuneration

Kumar Sai Winner of Captaincy Task

According to the task Whereas Collect Disk In Bucket will win the Captaincy Task, and Become the Captain of the House for This week and Kumar Sai and the Task and Become the Captain of the house, Stay Safe and Keep in touch with us!


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