Bigg Boss 4 Telugu come to end the second week, Entering In the Third Week With a bang, Bigg Boss 4 Telugu Weekends Scene Going Hot Now Because Nagarjuna On Fire Scolding All the housemates Because, Of Nominations, We already Tell You In our Last Article Nagarjuna Can Take Action on This and Now He on Fire.

Bigg Boss 4 Telugu 19th September 2020 Written Episode Update

Nagarjuna Badly Bashing On Nominated Contestants Because They Don’t Fight For Themselves Immunity, Let Me Reminds You about This Week Nominations Process, Bigg Boss Given The Nomination Task To Housemates, In This Task Housemates Have to Sit Into the Boat as Much they can But If someone will come out from Boat Then Contestants will be Nominated for this Week.

According to the Task Total, 9 Contestants come Out from Boat Happily and Never Fights For Immunity with Each Other These Contestants are Nominated For This Week Gangavva, Noel Sean, Monal Gujjar, Syed Sohel, Kalyani, Amma Rajashekar, Kumar Sai, Harika, Abhijeet.

Nagarjuna Rising the On Major Question In Today Episode Why are you not Fight For Immunity, In The Nagarjuna Words ‘Is This Jock? you are not Fighting For Own Sake Is this your Personality, you all guys thinking you are Enough Strong? So This is Bigg Boss wait and Watch this Misunderstanding will be Clear soon.

Nagarjuna badly Bashing Abijeet Because he Thinks he is a Good Guy also he is strong But he didn’t know about what happening Outside, they how can you nominate Himself in the Just beginning of the Show, Abhijeet not giving the answer and just listening, Nagarjuna Keep scolding him for his sake he suggests him if you today will be safe then in future never make this mistake again.

After Complete with Abijeet Nagarjuna comes directly on Noel, Nagarjuna scolding him and Want to the answer why he Nominated Himself, Nagarjuna says do you confidential about you, If you go today then you will be never getting another chance to prove himself in this platform, Nagarjuna also showing the Video when all housemates sitting in the Boat and Happily Nominated themselves.

Star Maa Launched The New Promo of Today Episode According to the Episode Nagarjuna Announcing the Amma Rajashekar Eliminated this Week, Then all the housemates meeting with him for the last Goodbye, Nagarjuna also says come on the stage, In the Between Amma Rajashekar Expressing about to the Journey with the Nagarjuna and appreciating Nagarjuna to Giving Chance to Him.

According to our Sources In This Time Twist in the Elimination, Nagarjuna Jockeying with Amma Rajashekar And This Time Eliminating Kalyani Because She Gets Less Votes Rather Than Other Contestants, Karate Kalyani will be the second contestant to Eliminated form Bigg Boss 4 Telugu. Stay Safe Keep In Touch with Us For More Updates!


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