Nagarjuna Show Bigg Boss 4 Telugu Finally Completed 2 Week, After 2 Week Bigg Boss Come with Another Twist and Turns, In Today Episode Bigg Boss Gives Punishment to the all Housemates for Not Obey the Bigg Boss Rules, In Today Bigg Boss 4 Telugu 18th September 2020 Episode.

Bigg Boss 4 Telugu 18th September 2020 Written Episode Update: Bigg Boss Pushed All Housemates

Recently Star Maa Released Bigg Boss 4 18th September Episode Promo On Social Media, In The Promo Video You can See Bigg Boss Punishing All Housemates Due to Violations of The Rules and Regulations, This is Bigg Bogg Telugu and Most the Contestants are Talking In Hindi, English, Tamil.

Finally After Two Weeks, Bigg Boss Punished all the Housemates, You can see In the today Promo Video All the housemates doing sit-ups In the Garder area and Feel Sorry to Bigg Boss, They Looking So Funny While they are Doing sit-ups In the Garder.

Bigg Boss again warn all of them if You will be again Violate the Rules, They Bigg Boss will Take Stricks Action, You can be Nominated For this. After all Bigg Boss Wishes all them Good Luck.

According to the audience Reviews, Bigg Boss Makers Keep Eyes On the Audience also After Getting So Much Mentions and Comments. Bigg Boss takes action, Audience wants Only This is Telugu Bigg Boss Why they are using other Language. The audience is not much happy with Contestants Talk in other Language. Bigg Boss Telugu 4 Contestants Salary Or Remuneration

According to Star Maa Launched another Promo Video of Bigg Boss 4 Telugu On Social media. In this Bigg Boss Gives a Luxury Budget Task to Housemates Named ‘Bigg Boss Tv’ Contantsnt are Divided Into Two Teams, One Team is Performing in the Video.

According to the ‘Bigg Boss Tv’ Task, Each team has to Make a Comedy Skit entertain the audience. Avinash doing their Skit and Looking So Funny and Entertaining, In the Skit Avinash become naughty Boy and Monal and Akhil Love Each Other In Skit, Karate Kalyani Become Avinash Dad, Avinash also Love Monal and Expressing his Point in Funny ways Towards Monal, Overall the Skit Revolving around Monal and Avinash.

Jabardasth Avinash Team

  • Jabardasth Avinash
  • Monal Gujjar
  • Karate Kalyani
  • Akhil
  • Sujata


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