Bigg Boss Tamil Season 4 has reached its last weekend with a ‘finale’ episode. All the viewers are waiting to win their favorite contestant of Bigg Boss 4 Tamil Winner Name. There were Fourteen contestants who entered the house and got eliminated with every passing weekend. An emotional phase came when Gabriella became the first contestant to get evicted from the ‘grand finale race”. There are also some predictions about one finalist getting evicted in tonight’s episode.

Bigg Boss 4 Tamil Winner Name
Bigg Boss 4 Tamil Winner Name

Gabriella was a strong contestant of this season, her eviction has left other contestants to retrace about the trophy. The voting results will clear one thing that which contestants have taken another step towards winning trophy. Current voting is showing the competition in top contestants like Aari, Rio, Ramya, and Balaji. They are in dispute for winning the title of Bigg Boss Tamil 4. Aari seems confident after getting the voting results of this week and viewers are also waiting for him to become a winner of this season. For the last two days, Balaji And Ramya were also lacking in voting.

Bigg Boss 4 Tamil Winner Name Aari Arjuna

When Gabriella got evicted last week then Shivani entered the house to target Balaji. She pushed him to the corner and confront him to speak about her age. According to housemates, he is a person who criticizes his close ones. There was an emotional moment when Bigg boss shows a video of Rio and Somshekar. It makes a huge impact on the mindset of viewers during the weekend episode. Gaby and Rio’s bond became stronger with each day passing, he looked upset after the eviction of Gaby. Rio’s fans want him to play his game like before.

The five finalists of Bigg Boss Tamil 4 who will compete For Title

  • Rio Raj – 13% vote share (130,999 votes)
  • Aari Arjuna – 48% vote share (480,623 votes)
  • Som Shekar – 9% vote share (90,117 votes)
  • Ramya Pandian – 14% vote share (140,332 votes)
  • Balaji Murugadoss – 16% vote share (160,231 votes)

Aari is still holding the number one position if it comes to the voting, he has a massive lead of over 17 lakh votes. Balaji has secured the second position but housemates are not happy with this as he doesn’t perform in the task and always shows his involvement to play blame games. Ramya was good at the latest task where he gave an amazing performance in the Pongal task, but he still holds the third spot. After Gabriella’s eviction, Rio Raj didn’t show his interest to perform a task that viewers didn’t appreciate and shown it through their votes, as Rio is still in the fourth position.

If talk about the fifth finalist who is Somshekar is likely to get evicted on this week’s episode as he is not giving any entertainment to viewers. On the basis of voting, there is a prediction that Aari, Balaji and Ramya will become the top three contestants to be in the final race. Rio could be in the top three but as per the reports, the current score of Rio is not showing that he is lacking to give entertainment to the audience. He was not showing his potential to perform tasks as compared to other contestants. And viewers didn’t vote enough that he can even get close to the Bigg boss winning title.

Within a week of the Bigg Boss show, it will almost certain that Aari Arjunan is going to win the title of this season. The audience has also shown their love for Aari through their votes and continuously voting. Aari is the only contestant who got nominated most of the time but viewers have saved him by showering their love in the form of votings. Somewhere his fellow contestants are also aware of his winning. It is also said by contestants’ relatives that Aari has audience support and he is going to win the show. So who is the title winner as the Bigg Boss Tamil 4 show ends this week?


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