Bigg Boss 15 is well known and entertaining reality show among the various other show. There are many reality shows right now but continuously Bigg Boss is making good engagement with the audience. Currently, there are several contestants who maintain good entertainment through the episodes. Possibly these contestants are brought marvelous performance in the upcoming tasks. Here we going to reveal about the upcoming tasks and eliminations also.

Bigg Boss 15

In the recent episode, we have seen the contestant of Bigg Boss house was performing a task. In teh task they have to challenge the performing contestant and when it was Tejaswi’s turn. She was shouted loudly because she was getting hurt and her eyes were burnt. Now in the upcoming episode which will be telecast on October 28, 2021, we going to reveal various things and will tell you outstanding things.

Bigg Boss 15 Nomination


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While on the other side, you will also see that Tejaswi is looking for Karan Kundra and her eyes looking at him. Possibly she is very attracted toward him. There is a huge possibility that she is in love with Karan. Besides them, there are many contestants who are eagerly wanted to watch the love chemistry of these two personalities.

As per the assumption in the upcoming, we going to enjoy teh love chemistry of these two contestants. The episode will be telecast at 10:30 PM. Very soon we going to see TejRan in the Bigg Boss 15 house.


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As you know the task for captaincy is running and all eh housemates giving marvelous performances. There were two contestants who made special strategies for the task. As per the details, Tejaswi and Nishant made strategy twin the task and win the captaincy of the week as well. In the task, you will see that Nishant will be the captain of this house in the upcoming week also. However, the current captain is also Nishant who is maintaining the house very well.

Even all the task is going perfectly as per the Bigg Boss orders. for further details, you can bookmark teh website in your browser. We will share many more details in the upcoming days. You can share your feedback with and we will feature your comment in the next article. So stay connected and read our articles. Thankyou so much.


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