After every unexpected eviction in the Bigg Boss 15 house, the situation of the show becomes worse than before where the arguments and fights take a new turn among contestants. Every episode comes with some amazing twists and turns. Along with this, the watchers of the show always love to watch something interesting in the house and maybe, the show is doing the same because every episode comes with some arguments, fights, and tasks. For very long days, we have been watching that the contestants were fighting with each other related to their VIP Zone and now, Karan, Vishal, Nishant, Tejassi, and Umar are those contestants who have come into the VIP Zone.

Bigg Boss 15

Let us tell you that these contestants are the most popular and growing contestants of the show who have gained massive popularity because of their performance in the show. These contestants also gave some points to the other contestants of the house regarding to their performance. After contestant Rajiv Adatia gets the least from the VIP Zone contestants, Neha could be seen saying that he should spit in their food. Along with this, Tejasswi and Neha was seen together at Loggerheads on the share of food. With all of this, the VIP contestants also choose who deserves to lock up in jail among Pratik, Jay, Simba, Rajiv, and Neha.

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The name of the contestants will reveal tonight or in the upcoming episode but it is still a mystery for all the watchers. According to the sources, Neha will go inside the jail because of her words and behavior in the house. She is playing a sharp-minded game in the house which is an unexpected thing for all the organizers. For all the Non-VIP contestants, there is a chance to steal the seats of VIP and as we have told before, Jay, Pratik, Rajiv, Neha, and Simba are the Non VIP Zone of the show. As we can see that when the task will begin, a major fights breaks out between Pratik Sehajpal and Karan Kundra. Pratik blames that he is cheating on the task and later, challenges to complete this task.

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As the fights starts, Tajasswi Prakash who stands against Pratik Sehajpal holds the hands of Karan tightly so, their fights doesn’t get into a physical fight. During their fights, Pratik could be also seen saying that who the hell are you to asks me stay quite. Along with this, it was seen in the previous episode that Karan was assuring Rajiv that if he will come in the VIP Zone, it will be beneficial for them. So, what do you think that who will earn the VIP position in the upcoming episode?


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