Bigg Boss 15 is already going on very well. Everyone knows that the reality show always presents some unexpected moments in which all the contestants make the entire show highly anticipated for the viewers. The reality show holds the highest amount of TRP every Sunday because the host of the show Salman Khan joins the stage.

Bigg Boss 15 Elimination

Tonight is the Weekend Ka Vaar episode in which Salman Khan heating up the intact stage with his grand appearance with a special guest. The show is already going on exciting and the TRP of the show remains on the top every day.

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Bigg Boss 15 Elimination

Talking about the upcoming episode of the most anticipated show then all the contestants are ready to give their best in the upcoming task. When Salman Khan joins the show, he welcomes everyone and wishes Diwali and then he connects a call to the house.

Later, he gives compliments to all the contestants and then starts his real conversation. So, everyone knows that when contestants are unable to put their full effort and give their 100% into the tasks or cross their limits in arguments and fights with co-contestants, Salman recalls every moment and scolds everyone for their list of mistakes.

Bigg Boss 15 Voting Results Trends

The previous episode clearly shows that the contestants did not get any chance to perform in the captaincy task as they were not able to manage their connections with the other contestants. Now, the upcoming episode shows that Salman Khan asks a question Ishaan if he is stuck into trouble whom he wants to get help, Tejaswini or Shamita.

When he gave his answer that he goes to Tejaswini, Salman Khan make him remind that he said in a tough time. Ishaan replies that Tejaswini is a frank girl and remains in fun all time and then Salman Khan says how Tejaswini helps you with her fun factor in his tough time.

Bigg Boss 15 Nominated Contestants List Week 4

Sr No. Contestant Name Status
1 Vishal Kotian Nominated
2 Simba Nagpal Nominated
3 Akasa Singh Nominated

Suddenly, Tejaswini tells Salman why he continuously calling in a tough time but Salman scolds her as to why she is talking like this. Now, what will happen next is actually worth watching and interesting to watch.

Let us also tell you that Badshah will be going to appear in the reality show as a special guest. The moment he creates on the stage with Salman Khan will be worth watching and exciting to watch. Bigg Boss 15 will be airing at 9:30 PM. It will be actually interesting to watch what will happen next in tonight’s episode.


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