The Bigg Boss show is one of the most prominent reality shows is all set to entertain everyone all around the country, the show is running well with the amazing TRP. All the Contestants gave outstanding performances in the last episodes of the Bigg Boss. No doubt it is a very entertaining and interesting show. We have seen a lot of drama, fight between the contestants.

Bigg Boss 15 Elimination

Which was very entertaining for the fans. The contestants in the show are perfect to give their best performances in the remaining part of the show. Now the upcoming episode will be very interesting. Let’s continue the article, keep reading.

Bigg Boss 15 Elimination

As we have seen in the previous promo videos RJs’ will come in the Bigg Boss and they will ask different questions to all the contestants, and the contestants will try to put their point in front of them. In RJs’ questions allegations and advice will be included.

It will be very interesting to watch how they will handle the question of RJs. Contestants will argue with each other during the questions. So let’s see what will be the question and how contestants will explain themselves to them, Keep reading.

We know some fans are disappointed after the elimination round, their favorite contestants have been gone from the house, so fans are very sad after their elimination after their favorites. Now you will see in the latest episode, contestants will fight with each other. It will be very interesting to watch.

Bigg Boss 15 Online Voting Results

You will see in the latest episode, Tejaswee will fight with Shamita and Tejaswee will say to Shamita, If she wants to friendship with Karan so, first of all, asks Karan, if he wants to friendship with her or wants to be with Tejaswee. They shout aggressively to each other. You will see Karan and Pratik will fight with each other and Pratik will push to Karan.

They will fight too much and create an issue in the house. After that Devoleena will fight with Abhijeet and says what is the spreading filth over here, and says his filth as well. You will see Shamita and Tajaswee will be angry in the latest episode.

Surely, Devoleena’s fight with Abhijeet will be very interesting to watch. You can watch the episode on the colors at 8 PM if you want to watch all episodes so you can watch it on Voot at any time. Stay connected for more updates.


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