The all-time favorite Bigg Boss 15 is ready to amaze you beyond your expectations and you will be definitely surprised to know the twist in the upcoming episode. If you are looking for an extreme level of thrill then you should read this article.

Bigg Boss 15 16th december 2021 Episode

As you saw in the previous episode that Rakhi was so much angry and he shout at the contestants because no one followed the rules of the task. Now there is one more thing that happened that you have to know. Here are various details that you should know about it.

Bigg Boss 15 Voting Trend Today Results

As per the promos which are available on social media, we want to tell you that the contestants are ready to amaze you beyond your expectations. Possibly you will see an extraordinary performance by the teams in the upcoming days. There are many things that you will see in the latest episode.

In the latest episode, you will see that the behavior of teh contestants in the recent task was so much unexpected by everyone. Probably they have to face several punishments from Bigg Boss which will happen because of the behavior they did in the task.


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Because Bigg Boss going to punish all the housemates so the upcoming tasks will be at the peak level and you will see an extraordinary thrill when all the contestants have to do very well and follow the instructions of Bigg Boss in this upcoming task. During the task, Abhijit crosses the limits and Devoleena tells him that he should not cross his limits else it will be not good for him.

Bigg Boss 15 Nominated Contestants Week 11

  1. Karan Kundrra
  2. Abhijit
  3. Rajiv Adatia
  4. Nishant Bhat
  5. Rajiv Adatia
  6. Tejasswi Prakash
  7. Umar Riaz

With every second in the show, the surrounding of Bigg Boss 15 house is getting heated up. Whether there is Tejasswi or Devoleena everyone crosses the limits which are surprising the fans and the competition to become the winner is getting tougher.

Bigg Boss 15 Online Voting Results 16th December 2021

  1. Karan Kundrra – 28.84% Votes Share
  2. Umar Riaz – 25.11% Votes Share
  3. Tejasswi Prakash – 17.04% Votes Share
  4. Rajiv Adatia – 14.49% Votes Share
  5. Nishant Bhat – 6.24% Votes Share
  6. Rajiv Adatia – 1.00% Votes Share
  7. Abhijit – 1.00% Votes Shar

The episode will be premiered on Colors tv. Definitely, you will see an extraordinary performance in the upcoming days. Now if you have selected your favorite contestant then you can select and vote for them which will help them to stay in this show. For further information stay get in touch with us and get all the updates on time.


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