Bigg Boss is the most famous show in the entertainment industry you can say that it is the top-notch tv reality right now. There are many fans who watch this show on a daily basis and you watch this show on your television screens. There are many things that we going to tell you about this marvelous show. Same as every time we will tell you about the upcoming incident of the show Bigg Boss 15. It is the fresh season of Bigg Boss and everyone is just amazed to see the tasks of this latest fresh season. Here you will see various things including tasks, performances, eliminations and many other related things which is the most important thing about this upcoming episode of Bigg Boss 15.Bigg Boss 15

There are many promos that have been shared by the show makers and you can watch them here. On the basis of these promos, there are many things going to happen in the upcoming episode. Similarly, you will get updates about the nominations and elimination which will be take place in the latest episode. If you want to know the details then you should read the article till the end.

On the basis of detail, you will see there will be marvelous performances. As you saw in the previous episode that the contestants had played the task of ‘Daaku Ka Kabzaa’. Yes, there were many contestants who performed it very well but there were many contestants also who spoiled the task.

Later Bigg Boss has ordered housemates to perform a task which is all about to produce sugarcane juice. Yes in this task housemates have to do this task and produce sugarcane juice. The task regulator is Shamita while two other housemates are lab owners who will check the sugarcane juice and give poison to ‘Jungle Waasis’. In the task you can see there will be fights between jay and Pratik. These two personalities are the most controversial personality of the season and people watch them on screen. Along with it, there are many things that also happened which will definitely make you crazy.

In this task, you will see Vishal will do a negotiation with Shamita and do a deal that if she helps him winning this task and enter in the in BB house which is the prize of the tasks. Then jungle waasi cannot make the road path and that’s why they will not come in the BB house in the future also. Shamita agrees to the deal and you will see her that she helping Vishal and his team in this task. She selects the Tiger team as the winner of the first round and today is the further round of the show.

Definitely, the entertainment will be on the peak and you will see extreme level entertainment. Here is the elimination round also. So you will watch in the upcoming weekend episode that one of the housemates has to leave the Bigg Boss house and goodbye to all the housemates. The level of entertainment will be higher in the upcoming episode so stay connected with us for more written updates. There are several names in the list who may be eliminated this week. Tell us your expectations and who will be eliminated according to your prediction. For more details don’t forget to bookmark the page in your browser.


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