In the latest passage of BB 14 (Weekend Ka Vaar Episode), Salman Khan is operating to provide housemates with an actuality analysis & splash them for their ‘unacceptable’ activities throughout the week. Nikki Tamboli, Pavitra Punia, & Jaan Kumar Sanu will be at the accepting demise of Salman’s wrath. While Kavita Kaushik rejoined the BB home recently as one of the Red zone contestants would have to step out tonight. It would be fascinating to examine who will get excreted -Shardul Pandit, Rahul Pandit & Naina Singh, subsequently staying 1 week.

Bigg Boss 14 Written Update 29th October 2020 - Rubina Dilaik, Jasmin Bhasin, Nishant Singh Malkani, Kavita Kaushik In Red Zone!!

November 9, 2020 (Written Update) 

Salman conveys housemates that now he will ‘undertake stock of relevant issues & muddas. He questions contestants to be ‘original ‘ not carry a ‘false’ cover. He then provides the housemates to reveal out their co-housemates who they presume have many appearances .’ Rahul starts the contest & points Eijaz exhibiting his ‘fake look.’ He then summons out Nikki for holding a ‘duo personage.’ Naina also steers out at Eijaz, then  Shardul exclaims Jaan ‘mastermind.’ Eijaz claims Jasmin ‘unfair,’ he also points out Pavitra ‘over-performance’ and ultimately thumps Abhinav for ‘fake claiming of having brotherhood.’ Jaan states Rubina has ‘fake belligerence’ through the task, Kavita denoting Rahul & so on.

Later then Salman slams Pavitra for doing the same things as Kavita Kaushik did. He played out the fight clips of Eijaz & Kavita and immediately of Pavitra & Eijaz. Pavitra then actualises her misunderstanding and atones for the alike. Nonetheless, Salman says her she is promptly retracting totally as he is momentarily hit her. Eijaz next clarifies why he provided the protection to Jasmin. Pavitra withdraws for exploiting & preparing to be offensive, but not for her sentiments. Salman further crashes Pavitra for doing physical struggle & he urges her not to save ‘expectations’ from others.

At last, we have seen that Jasmin obstructs Jaan & Eijaz’s parlance, as she perceives Eijaz to fulfil her service tomorrow. Nonetheless, Eijaz & Jasmin become into a dispute, as the previous states that he does not consider she is ‘honest.’ In the midnight, Shardul & Pavitra get into a discussion as they choose approaches for their contest. Salman summonses bye-bye to the spectators. Till then stay tuned with DekhNews for more updates & arrivals..!!


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