High voltage drama show Bigg Boss season 14 show, as we know there are lots of new twists are going on, after the double eviction, we will see the many new c changes and many candidates are scared because they might get evicted next week like this like last week, now the new fight between Azaz and Pavitra, and new nomination task, given by the BB 14, where Captain Azaz is already saved and he made Jasmine saved too, let’s know more details about what is going on in the latest episode.

Bigg Boss 14 Written Episode 4th November Latest Update: Pavitra & Eijaz Fight

In the upcoming episode, you will get to see, the ugly fight between Azaz and Pavitra, because she was not saved by him, as she expected it was a big disappointment for her, and she cries over this again and again, and when Azaz gets to know, she is crying and not doing work, he also lost his temper, and they have a bad and brutal argument.

Wild Card Entry

One more interesting thing we get to see that one of her close friends, whose name is Ali, he is Jasmine friend, now he is the new member of the house, as a wild card entry, after seeing his she feels over the moon, and they look at each other from the Glass.

Nomination Task

we see the new nomination task that was conducted by the Bigg Boss, through that task all the candidates will have to save themselves, there will be oxygen mask, and two candidates, whom Bigg Boss will call, they will come forward, and prove themselves that they are suitable for the show, and other people should be nominated, in the beginning, Nikki and Rahul were called and Nikki played unfairly and she does not give chance to Rahul to save himself, but at the end, Rahul got nominated and secondly two rest of wild card entry, and Rubina and they have gone on Red Zone.

Nominated Members this Week

Now the new Red Zone members, who are Rubina, Rahul, and wild card entries, Rahul was not deserving the Red area, but due to Nikki, he had to. Rahul played the game fairy and on the other hand Jaan who was so frustrated by Nikki and Azaz, because Nikki is not ready to talk to him properly, and by the interruption of Azaz, in the end, he made an argument with Azaz behind speaking English in the house. Now let’s see the new twist what happens,  only on Colors at 10:30 PM, and OTTP platform VOOT.



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