Now after the week, we have come to Saturday, when all the things and activities will be discussed on the show, and Salman Khan will take the class of all the candidates, as we know this week we have seen lots of changes in the house, and the main turning point was when Azaz became the captain and transferred all the Red Zones members in the Green Zones, we heard lots of new words this week such as Nepotism, abusive words and many more, so let’s know more about this.

Bigg Boss 14 Live Weekend Ka Vaar 25 October 2020 Written Update: Salman  Khan exposes Jaan's true face to Nikki Tamboli » Indian News Live

At the beginning of the Waar, we will see Salman taking the class Rahul, who used the word Nepotism, he said this to Jaan, that he is being popular and reached the stage just because of his father, and there was a huge argument behind this between Jaan and Rahul in the Bigg Boss House, Salman scolds to Rahul and says to him, it is not the right platform to use this word, so do not discuss this word in the house.

As we know this word relates to SSR, even there is a big and major matter is going on in the Bollywood industry, so the makers of the Bigg Boss do not want this matter go be aired more through the most dramatic and controversial show BB14, in the week most of the contestant fought for one another’s right and stand and New nominated members in the Red Zone and safe members are in the Green Zone, we will see some task on Weekend.

On the other side we see Salman saying to Rahul, for his wrong usage of the word and says if a father helps his children to make him skillful then is it Nepotism?, along with this he also scold Jasmine, who cries over most of the things, and Salman says to her stop making yourself weak, she is creating a problem for herself while saying it, that Rahul is threatening her, and Salman says to Rubina too for provoking Jasmine over the matter. Let’s see what happens in the upcoming episode and new twist, it will be so exciting for all the audience, do watch on Colors and Voot at 9:00 PM Sat and Sun.


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