This episode of Bigg Boss 14 has come up with lots of entertainment as Bigg boss has taken some shocking decision to punish housemates for breaking the rules. The housemates were instructed to follow all the rules which are mentioned. There was a task regarding the occasion of “Makar Sakranti” by which housemates could get an opportunity to become Caption as well as immunity for a week.

Bigg Boss 14 Today's Written Episode 16th January 2021: Bigg Boss Canceled The Task?

Nikki, Rahul Vaisya, Eijaz, and Abhinav instructed them to perform this task but within 10 seconds Bigg Boss announced to cancel this task. Bigg Boss clarifies that from now onwards they will not be any caption for the house or they will not get immunity ever. Bigg Boss always warns house members to follow rules while performing a task because the viewers enjoy watching them perform. This is the shocking decision Bigg Boss has ever taken in among seasons. The team which wins the task will get immunity as well as “Ration”.But the result of this cancellation is that this week housemates will not get any “Ration” from Bigg Boss.

Now viewers will watch that there is no caption in the house and every house member is nominated. Now audience votes will decide who should get evicted this week. Even after the task cancellation, house members don’t take this seriously.

In the previous episode, Bigg Boss asks to give the name of  4 contestants who can take part in the captaincy race. By the time task starts Rakhi Sawant gives Avinav Shukla’s name because he never gets a chance to become Caption and at least once he deserves to be a Caption. Then Rubina Dailik gives Nikki’s name for captaincy. Thereafter Aly Goni gives Rahul Vaidya’s name because he is his best friend and he wants his friend to win this task And at last Arshi khan gives Eijaz Khan’s name because now her relations are good with Eijaz he has the qualities to become a leader.

After getting 4 contestants’ names, Bigg Boss gives them a task to perform and win immunity along with captaincy. The one who will win in this task will get some special treat from Bigg Boss and he will not do any household chores for the entire week. He can assign duties to each of the house members accordingly. For more updates connect with us.



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