The most prominent and popular reality show on Colors Tv named “Bigg Boss 14” is coming tonight with lots of twists and turns, fights, and drama. The Show’s TRP is raising high and high every week. Four contestants are nominated this week for eviction from the Bigg Boss 14 house. Nikki Tamboli, Rubina Dilaik, Rahul Vaidya, and Sonali Phogat. The show is going extremely amazing and Fabulous. In today’s episode, you will see that the whole house of Bigg Boss 14 is attacking Sonali Phogat. An ugly fight will happen between Sonali Phogat and the `1qrest contestants.

Big Boss
Bigg Boss

Previously, you have seen Aly Goni and Abhinav Shukla fight when Aly allowed Rakhi Sawant to enter the house and save the coffee supply for herself. On this, Abhinav gets angry because a moment ago, Aly said that he won’t allow anyone to enter the house and after some time, he allowed Rakhi Sawant. Apart from their heated argument, Aly spit on the ground and asked Abhinav Shukla to lick it. The fight between them going on to the next level. The fight also starts between the lovable couple.

Abhinav Shukla got angry at Rubina as She was laughing when Aly cracked a joke at Abhinav after the Lockout task. Abhinav said to Rubina that he feels hurt when she was enjoying her insult. In today’s episode, you will see Sonali Phogat will break into tears as the whole house will attack her. The fight starts when Sonali makes hard roti for everyone. First Arshi Khan starts a fight and says to Sonali why were you prepare hard roti. Sonali says that she was hungry, that’s why she was in hurry. Arshi starts screams and says are you out of your mind?

Later, Sonali throws paratha in the dustbin. When Arshi tells everyone about Sonali’s behavior. Rubina also starts screaming and taunts her. Nikki also says to her bad words. You will also see a fight between Rubina and Abhinav Shukla on Paratha. Abhinav says that he is frying paratha in butter and Rubina says that it will not taste good. And argument starts between them. Well, the episode is going to be very entertaining and amazing. So, don’t forget to watch tonight’s episode of “Bigg Boss 14” on Colors Tv at 10:30 pm.


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