As we know there are many eliminations are happened in Bigg Boss 14 and the latest elimination was Kashmera Shah’s elimination there is one more exit of a brilliant participant from the BB house. On Monday it was reported that contestant Manu Punjabi set to exit the Bigg Boss 14 house due to certain health reasons. Let’s check out the full story here with the updated news about this unexpected exit of Bigg Boss 14 contestant Manu Punjabi.

Bigg Boss 14: Manu Punjabi Exits From BB14 House Due to Health Leg Injury Reason

Why Manu Punjabi leave Bigg Boss 14?

In this season of Bigg Boss reality show, there were many unexpected incidents that already happened earlier and it was not enough so the surprising thing still going on to amaze BB reality show fans. On Monday, December 21 it was reported that on Twitter a page as ‘Khabri’ shared the latest update that Bigg Boss contestant Manu Punjabi making his exit from Bigg Boss 14 due to his leg injury.

The comeback of Mastermind Vikas Gupta

On the other side, We have a piece of great news for the ex-contestant of Bigg Boss Vikas Gupta making his comeback in the show and according to the promo video, he will come in today’s upcoming episode of Bigg Boss 14. So get ready to see two big incidents in the show one is the exit of Manu Punjabi and another one is the Comeback of Vikas Gupta.

Vikas Gupta was expelled from Bigg Boss 14 house for flouting multiple house rules and the use of physical force against co-contestant Arshi Khan. In a fit of anger, Vikas had pushed Arshi Khan into the swimming pool. Post the incident, Bigg Boss asked Vikas Gupta to leave the house on the grounds of using physical force against another housemate.

When Bigg Boss 14 contestant Manu Punjabi Comeback?

If you getting sad about the exit of Manu Punjabi so wait for a minute because there is suspense remain in this story. So as per the available social media and other sources, the exit of Manu Punjabi is a temporary leave which is allowed due to facing the leg injury. Along with it, we want to inform you that Manu Punjabi will come back to the show when he feels better and until he getting physically fit.


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