In the last episode, we got to see a dirty argument between Azaz and Pavitra, it was an eye-catching scene for all of us, Now we will get to know who will turn the scene, and dominate in the house, many of the people are so excited about this, and they are searching for the written update of the latest update so that they can get to know what exactly happening in the house, so we have brought the desired post of yours, so let’s get started.

Bigg Boss 14 Latest Episode 5th November Written Update: Pavitra And Jashmine Disputes

And one more personality appeared on the show, who is a close friend of Jasmine, she was over the moon after seeing him, because she has got support in the Bogg Boss House, now people long to know the upcoming twist, what is going to happen in the upcoming house.

In the upcoming episode, we will get to know the candidate who is eligible to be captain, so far through the task, we have seen many of the contestants have got out of the captaincy race, now there are two last contestants who can be the competitor for the Azaz, either Pavitra or Jasmine, as we know Azaz is injured and he can not take participation in the task, so let’s see who will be the new captain of the house

on the other side, Jasmine is guided by Ali, who is now in a separate room, due to COVID-19, he is quarantined, we can the bong of both of them, he talks to everyone through phone, and in the latest episode we see, Pavitra is talking to him and Jasmine shows her possessiveness for him and says to Pavitra not to be so close to him at the time Pavitra got disappointed and hung up the call all of sudden, and walked away from there. It will be amazing to see Ali’s reaction over this and the new captain who can replace Red Zone members.



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