Sara Gurpal who is a famous Punjabi singer, actress, and model has come to participate this year as a contestant In Bigg Boss Season 14, Sara Gurpal is quite Famous in Punjab and Haryana, Everythings is Going Smoootihnly in his career and She gets a chance to show her personality on National Tv Though Bigg Boss 14.

Bigg Boss 14 Contestant Sara Gurpal Is Married Husband Name and Photos (Images) Leaked On Social Media

But If Bigg Boss approached her then, It’s Means Bigg Boss Found another controversy for the Show and this time Bigg Boss Makers again do commendable work and find the Biggest controversy against Sara Gurpal, In the Yesterday premiere Episode of Bigg Boss, Sara Gurpal Addressed herself, she completely single.

Tushar Kumar has claimed that Sara Gurpal is married and she is lying. Sara and they were married in 2014. Not only this, but Tushar has also shown the certificate of his marriage and also photos in which Sara is seen hugging Tushar Kumar wearing a wedding bangle in her hands.

Tushar claimed, ‘On August 16, 2014, Tushar and Sara were married in Jalandhar, Punjab. However, the name of the girl in the marriage certificate is ‘Rachna Devi’. On the question that why are you saying all this now, Tushar said ‘People from all over the world are messaging me on WhatsApp and Instagram. But Sara is still claiming that she is not the girl I was married to. He says that the girl seen in the pictures looks just like Sara, but she is not Sara. I just want to prove that Sara is the girl I was married to and she is lying to the world.

Tushar said, ‘I think she married me only to get fame and USA citizenship’. By the way, the news of Sara’s marriage came only in the year 2018, but even then Singer refused to get married. Sara had fun with Salman Khan at the premiere of Bigg Boss 14.

  • Sara Gurpal Husband Name: Tushar Kumar
  • Sara Gurpal Married Date: August 16, 2014

Sara Gurpal Husband Name and Photos Images

Sara Gurpal Husband Name and Photos Images Sara Gurpal Husband Name and Photos Images Sara Gurpal Husband Name and Photos Images

Sara’s entry was done with one of her songs, after which she talked a lot with Salman Khan. During this, Salman also played a game together with Nishant, Shehzad, and Sara. In which both boys had to propose to Sara. While playing this game, Salman asked Sara if anyone had ever worn her a ring, so she flatly denied it. On the other hand, Tushar claims that Sara is married, and she is lying.


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