Bigg Boss Makers Drop Bombshell as a Challengers Formers Bigg Boss Contastamnts, Bigg Boss Makers Gives Another Leval Boost To the House, After Challengers Entry In the House, The Audience Become More Engaged With The Show and Some Netizens Also Talked On Social Media and Said Now The Real Bigg Boss Game Has Been Begin, Along with 6 Challengers Top 4 Contestants of Bigg Boss Has Seems Energetic, All are Become More Active and Interesting, The Whole Bigg Boss Game Has Been Changed By Bigg Boss In Just One Twist.

Bigg Boss 14

Bigg Boss 14 Advising Manu Punjabi

The first day of the Challengers Goes Smoothly and Healthy Enterraiunment of Arshi Khan with Abhinav Shukla and Rahul Mahajan King Task Give Another Boost to the episode, After The King Rahul Mahajan Task It’s Time to Choose Captain of the house, Bigg Boss Gives One Huge Coin, King Rahul Mahajan Can Give this Coin Anyone and There will be 6 Rounds Happens In The Task, In The Ends Which Contestants have Coin Will Become The Captain of the House.

All The Housemates Divided Into Groups As will Know In every time Contestants Play in Groups, All the Contestants Starting Planning Plotting For Task To become Captain Of the House, The Task Started Rahul Mahajan Gives Coin to Eijaz Khan and In The Next Round, Eijaz Khan Gives Coin the Manu Punjabi, After Sometime Later Manu Punjabi Give the Coin to Arshi Khan Total Three  Round has Been Finished.

Manu Punjabi Taounting Rubina Dilaik, He Said Kashmera You Played Very well In Front of Rubina Dilaik and Eijaz Khan, On This Rubina Dilaik Said how Can we Play Game When You already Decided Your Game, You all Are Makes Game so Easy to Predict, Eijaz Khan, It’s Not My Fault, Your Convincing Power is Low, So What I Did, In This Topic There was a lot of Argument Happens In Between Rubina Dilaik and Eijaz Khan.

Bigg Boss 14 Manu Pubabi Become Captain Of the House

In Another Round of Captaincy Task, Arshi Khan Gaves Coin to Kashmera Shah and In Fifth Round Kashmera Shah Gaves Coin to Eijaz Khan, And In The Last Sixth Round Eijaz Khan Gives Coin to Manu Punjabi and He Become Captain Of the house, Manu Punjabi Thanks Everyone included Bigg boss For This opportunity and He is Ready to Takes Responsibility of Bigg Boss House For This Week.


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