Bigg Boss 14 always takes a very grand entry on the television every year. Every year, the show contains a very high TRP and all the people are very eagerly waiting for the upcoming episode. As everyone knows that the host of the show is Salman Khan who already a very prominent and famous personality with lots of respect all over Bollywood. All the contestants who participate in the 14th Season of Bigg Boss are very fantastic and entertaining. A very huge quantity of people is love to watch the episodes of Bigg Boss because the episodes contain lots of entertaining tasks.

Bigg Boss 14 5th January 2021 Written Episode Update

The forthcoming episode of Bigg Boss 14 starts with the ugly fight between Arshi Khan and Rubina Dilaik. The fight between them starts from Arshi’s side and she says to Rubina while coming from the sleeping area that she wants more dishonor but immediately Rubina replies to her that look at herself. Rubina again says to Arshi that she is insulted so much and it is enough for her. Rubina again says that Arshi is fake entertainment and it is her real personality that is fake. Arshi immediately replies to Rubina that if she is reality then she spits on her.

Another side, Rakhi Sawant comes into the confession room and talks to Bigg Boss that, she wants once her husband comes to BB’s house to meet her. Also, she continues that whenever she sees couples like Rubina and Abhinav she felt very lonely. After Rakhi Sawant visit BB house then the environment of BB House become more jolliest and enjoyable. She every time doing some naughty and interesting things to make every moment very entertaining. All the people are much love the episodes of Bigg Boss Season 14 and want to watch it on regular basis.

In the next scene, Rakhi seems to say “why does not she steal Rubina’s husband” and then she seems to say to Abhinav that he is a nice guy and praises him. After that, she says to Bigg Boss that if she likes someone then it is not a crime and Bigg Boss replies that yes, it is not a crime. So, after that, the show becomes more interesting and fantastic in which all the contestants looking very entertaining. The ensuing fight between Rubina and Arshi will be very interesting because lots of people are supporting Rubina because of her polite nature and sense of Humor. So, if you want to watch the upcoming episode of Bigg Boss 14 then stay tuned with us.


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