After the Bigg Boss Premiere, Today Bigg Boss 14 First Episode Going in On Air, Salman Khan Brought Up Once again the Power Package of Enterrarment Dose for the audience, Total 11 Celebrities are Locked In the House and 3 Ex Contestants Siddarth Shukla, Hina Khan, and Gauhar Khan, The Ex Contestants are Mentor of the Inmates They will Stay In the House Only For 14 Days, After that, they will decide that Who will be Selected for The Next Phase of Bigg Boss, On the Stage, Salman Khan also Warns all the Housemates Play the game very carefully and these 2 weeks can decide your career.

Bigg Boss 14 4th October 2020 Written Episode Update — Jasmin Bhasin and Nikki Tamboli CATFIGHT

In yesterday Episode 7 Contestants were selected by the Mentors (Shukla, Hina Khan, and Gauhar Khan) and 4 Contestants Were Rejected, In the Today Episode Bigg Boss Punished the Rejected Contestants This was the First Twist of the Bigg Boss, Sara Gurpal, Rubina, Jaan Kumar, Nishant were Faced Big Consequences.

After That Bigg Boss sends the Letter and says Gauhar Khan Read it In front of the housemates, In this letter, Bigg Boss says Gauhar Khan will Rule On the Kitchen, If anybody needs somethings from the kitchen then you need to take the permission from Gauhar Khan.

Siddarth Shukla will Rule on The Bedroom Area, nobody can take any items of Luggage out from the Bedroom without the permission of Siddarth Shukla, and Hina Khan will rule on the SPA, Mall, and Gym, Each contestant can take only 7 Things from the mall in a day, Like Lipstick, T-shirt, Etc, She will decide about SPA and GYM, if you want to use luxury then you need to take the permission of Hina Khan.

After this Bedroom Incharge, Siddarth Shukla seen with close friend Jasmin Basin, and Having fun with her Jasmin Basin says you are our Mentor so you need to comfort us, then Siddarth Shukla says this is Bigg Boss here everything is complicated, so take Habit of it, and you will be used too of all this in some time, Siddarth Shukla Flirting with Jasmin Basin from the first day and enjoying Bigg boss times.

As a Bedroom Incharge Siddarth Shukla allowing the Bads to the housemates, In this between Nikki Tomboli want to change his Bad because she doesn’t want to sleep on Single bad, She wants Double bad along with his Type of person, Siddarth Shukla fixing all the issues of the contestants for Bads.

Radha Maa once again Entered in the House for Blessing the housemates, Radha Maa Gives Blessing to the Siddarth Shukla and Doing Dance and gives 2-3 Minutes Preaching to all housemates, Siddarth Shukla also doing fun and hailing for her with Radha maa becomes happy.

In the Bigg Boss History Usually, Contestants Takes some time for the first Fight, But In this Season First day of the show Jasmin Basin and Nikki Tamboli Fighting with each other, Jasmin Basin talking about chores with the inmates, Jasmin Basin says to Nikki Tamboli you will do Lunchtime dishes But Nikki Tamboli didn’t want to wash dishes because of her Nails, Then Jasmin Basin Said we are also compromising then are not servent, Both are in the bad arguments on the first day of the Bigg Boss.


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