When we talking about a reality show which has huge popularity and always trending in news. So there is only one name that appears in mind ‘Bigg Boss 14’. For the past few years, the show has been host by Bollywood actor and producer Salman Khan. The show is known for its entertainment and controversial fights among contestants. Same as previous episodes the upcoming episode is also ready to explore another level of eye-catching thrill. There are few finalists remains only. Fortunately, season 14 is going to wrap up the journey because very soon the Grand Finale will be aired on our television screen.Bigg Boss 14 28th January 2021 Latest Episode: Rubina Dilaik fall down in pool & Aly Saves Her

The episode will start with a bedroom area where all the contestants relaxing in the bedroom. But as we know big boss never let any episode without putting some spices in the story. So, suddenly the lights of the bedroom area getting blinking with red and green lights with a terrible Siren’s Voice. Bigg Boss announces that all the housemates have been locked in this time room until the next announcement. After this moment all the housemates getting excited to know what happens next and is it a task or any other challenge.

Later after few minutes, you will see some contestants are outside the bedroom area before happening this alerting moment. Rahul Vaidya, Rubina Dilaik, Nikki Tamboli, and everyone dancing near the pool in the garden area. They continuously performing the moves and when Rubina repeating her dance moves, Suddenly she slips and falls down in the pool. Just within a few seconds, Aly Goni screams and jumps into the pool to save Rubina. After this unexpected interesting incident, She repeats the action of falling into the pool and Aly Goni too.

Just then Bigg Boss announces that it is ‘Action Replay’ and Devoleena Bhattacharjee asks her if she is fine. Rubina nods and says ‘no’ she isn’t fine. On the other side, If we talking about the show, so previously Abhinav Shukla and Aly Goni had a terrible fight. All the housemates tried to resolve but unable to separate them during the fight. The upcoming episode may take the previous moment back because of Rubina’s pool incident. Although let see what will happen next in the journey, what is remaining yet to watch. Watch the latest episodes on Disney+Hotstar and the official telecast channel Colors at 9 PM tonight.


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