In the upcoming episode, we will see lots of drama where Rakhi Sawant is highlighted in the episode due to her shocking activities. We will see all these things in the latest episode of Bigg Boss 14, which is one of the controversial and reality shows. All the house members will have to sacrifice their bedroom and bathroom in the forthcoming episode. It will make everyone shock because of this viewers will experience lots of disputes and arguments in the house. All the house members do not want to sacrifice bedrooms or bathrooms at any cost.Bigg Boss 14 5th January 2021 Written Episode Update

During a nomination activity, Aly who is the contestant of the house says he is ready to sacrifice the bathroom and bedroom to save himself from nomination activity because he wants to stay in Bigg Boss. Following the same process, all the housemates tell their point of view and complete the process. Then Bigg Boss gives 10 minutes to all the members to collect important stuff from the house.

On the other side, we will see the drama of Rakhi Sawant who will Write the name of Abhinav on her whole body with red color when see comes out after doing this, all the house members are shocked. They give a surprising response or reaction towards Rakhi. She says I love Abhinav and for him, I am doing all this for Abhinav, no one will do this for you.

All housemates are disappointed by her, including Abhinav and Rubina they did not like what she did. She shouting all house that Abhinav is mine, Rubina and Rakhi had a big argument with each other. During the argument, they talk about entertainment and other things and the center of attraction of the show is a nomination task where all house members are bent on saving themselves.

Meanwhile, all are ready to sacrifice a bedroom and ready to live without a bathroom. Viewers are excited to know what will happen in the house, how they will survive without a bedroom and bathroom. At this time, this show is getting high TRP and attracting all the viewers who are watching this show, it will help the show to get more viewers. As per the sources, this show is being elected by turns of Indians.


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