Salman Khan Weekend Ka Vaar Ready to makes your Weekend Night Special and Entertain, After the Stressful episode for Rubina Dilaik and Abhinav Shukla Will Seems Happy, In the Yesterday Episode Kavita Kaushik Claimed Abhinav Shukla Is Alcoholic and Send her Voilate Messages In Mid Night, Abhinav Shukla Shows his Courage and Become Brave He Said If you prove it It’s Voilate Messages Then I Will be Agree with you Claim, Abhinav Shukla Said He Would Love to See Those Massage, He Said It’s Completely False Claim and I Don’t Care About Kavita Kaushik Friendship, Rubina Dilaik Seems Very Upset and EMotional Brake Down.

Bigg Boss 14 13th December 2020 Written Episode Update: Rahul Vaidya Back On Bigg Boss House

Salman Khan Sorted The Matter Single handily and Netizens Highly Praised Salman Khan On Social Media and Salman Khan Become Angry While Both Couples Clearing the Things, Salman also Scolded Kavita Kaushik Husband Ronit Because He didn’t Even Listen to The Points of Abhinav and Rubina, In Begining, Kavita Put the Whole Matter and Rubina and Abhinav didn’t interrupt Once, Salman Khan Slam Kavita and her Husband Ronit Because he Spoiling the Personal Life of Kavita and Ronit Put the Personal Life of Kavita on Social Media He Tweeted 2 tweets on Twitter and Netizens Slammed him because of False Claim.

Salman Khan Bashed Ronit Very Badly and Give advice to Apologies to Rubina and Kavita, Salman Khan Said Ronit is Immature and Donki and Funny Things is He Accepted he is Immature In Front of Salman Khan, Salman Khan also mentioned Kavita was not involved in the Matter it begins Just Because of her Husband Ronit tweets, In the End, Salman Khan advised Rubina and Abhinav to close the matters, So Abhinav Shukla and Rubina Dilaik Ready to Close the Matter, from both sides It’s Finished.

In the Sunday episode, You can see a lot of Funny things full of Entertainment Tadka, There is going to happen in Bigg Boss House The Task ‘Misunderstanding ballons’ In the Task Contestants have to Explode the ballon of Other Contestant and Give the Reason About What is the Misunderstanding of the Contestant, Sometimes it backfires for Contestants Because of the targeting of Group on one contestant.

After This Salman Khan asked Rahul Mahajan Come to Activity Area For Task In this Task Rahul Mahajan to sit at the Table and Salman Khan Read the Statements Just Like That ‘Rahul Mahajan Will be The Winner of the Show’ and asks to the rest of the housemates to its’ Right answer or Not if Most Votes Agress with the Rahul Answer then Is win and In Case Housemates didn’t agree with Rahul Mahajan Answer then Bigg Boss Throw Mud, Floor, Water all that on the Head, It’s will be Funny activity for housemates to light up the Mood of the Contestants, Rubina Dilaik, Rakhi Sawant, Jasmin Basin, Rahul Mahajan Participated In this Task and had a lot of Fun with Salman Khan.

Salman Khan Introduced the Auideince that One More Time Rahul Vaidya Join with Us and Bigg Boss Set ‘Khatkhara’ For Rahul Vaidya To Question Answers of Salman Khan, One By One Salman Asked Sahrper Question to Rahul Vaidya, Salman Khan Asked Rahul You Think You can’t compete with the 2 Big TV Stars and Maked an excuse to Home Sick, Rahul Vaidya Said he is very connected with the Family and he was broken from inside and didn’t show it, Salman Khan Said You Proved Themselves mantely Weak, Why Would People’s Trust On you? you are fugitive, you leave my show, Watch the Show On Colors Tv For More Entertainment Masala at 9 Pm.


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