Salman Khan First Weekend Ka Vaar Second Episode Updates. Here we come with Major Report of Today’s Episode Highlights and Written Updates, Indian Biggest Reality Show Starts with Slow Pace can be Flop Show In This Season Like Bigg Boss Season 12, But In this Season all contestants are Big Celebrities But didn’t Impress Audience and Bigg Boss Makers Plus Salman Khan.

Bigg Boss 14 11th October 2020 Written Episode Update

Bigg Boss 14 11th October 2020 Written Update

In Today’s Episode, Salman Khan Based all the Freshers On the First Weekend Because of Salman Khan Not Happy with Freshers Performance In the First Week and Suggested Them To Pack Your Bags and Go Home Because It’s a Waste of Time Which you all Guys are Doing In the Show.

As You Bigg Boss Fans, You Might be already known Salman Khan didn’t Bash anyone for no reason, Salman Khan Praised Nikki Tomboli For Her Performance and Involvement In the House, He says Nikki is the Only Contestant who is Bigg Boss Material Rest of all the Alive Dead Bodies.

On this Weekend Choti Sardarni Main Leads Actor Avinesh Rekhi and Actress Nimrit Kaur Ahluwalia appeared on the Show as a Guest and Play Some Funny Games with Housemates along with Seniors, They Make 3 Seniors Team, Siddarth Shukla Team, Hina Khan Team, Gauhar Khan Team, Each Team Have to 2 Members Which Selected By Bigg Boss, Seniors have to Present a Product of Team Member and try to convince Guest Select this Particular Contatsnts for Rewards.

Siddarth Shukla Team Members

  • Sara Gurpal
  • Jasmine Basin (Winner)

Hina Khan Team Members

  • Eijaz Khan
  • Nishant Malkani (Winner)

Gauhar Khan Team Members

  • Rahul Vaidya (Winner)
  • Jaan Kumar Sanu

Looser Contatsnts have to Punish, There is a Wheel Winner will Pull the Wheel and Looser have to stand ahead to wheel and beaten by Wheel.

After This Salman Khan Connected with The Team Mumbai Indian Players Hardik Pandya, Ishaan Kishan, Krunal Pandya From Dubai, Salman Talked with Them for 5 Minutes and Then Connected to House with Hardik Pandya, Ishaan Kishan, Krunal Pandya, They Plays Games with Freshers, and Gives Statement and Had Funny Time.

Bigg Boss Give One More Task to Seniors, Bigg Boss sends a Board, According to seniors  Which Statement sets on Fresher Which Written On Board and They Have to Pick Photo of Contestants and Set On Statement Board and Have to Give Valid Reason for This. Check Here below Seniors Voted for Them.

Fake Contestant:  

  • Siddarth Shukla: Jasmin Basin
  • Gauhar Khan: Nishant Malkhani
  • Hina Khan: Nishant Malkhani

Iska Sirf Mazak Ban Raha Hai:

  • Siddarth Shukla: Eizaj Khan
  • Gauhar Khan: Rahul Vaidya
  • Hina Khan: Eizaj Khan

Isma Vo Bat he Nahi

  • Siddarth Shukla: Sara Gurpal
  • Gauhar Khan: Sara Gurpal / Rahul Vaidya
  • Hina Khan: Sara Gurpal / Rahul Vaidya


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