Former Bigg Boss 13 contestant coming into highlights for announcing a statement which collects lots of attention of the audience. One of the finest actresses and popular celebrities Devoleena Bhattacharjee getting all the attention of the netizens by issuing a confirmation related to her personal life. The topic is she revealed why she never talks about her personal life in public. Even, she also not revealed why she has not shared the name of her boyfriend in front of everyone. The beautiful and stunning actress has all eyes on her statement and a new buzz has been created on social media in which netizens talking about Devoleena Bhattacharjee.

Devoleena Bhattacharjee BF Name

Speaking to an interview, Devoleena has confirmed that she and her boyfriend are not ready yet to get public attention on their relationship. She said “I am not ready to reveal my partner’s name yet. He is also not comfortable in making his name public as he does not belong to the industry. People will start sending them friend requests and following them on social media, which is not what we want at this stage. I like to keep my personal life a secret”. The complete video shared on the official Instagram account of Devoleena.

Apart from this, she also confirmed that she is ready to get married to her boyfriend but their marriage is now postponed. The couple postponed the marriage because of the ongoing pandemic conditions and plan the beautiful occasion for the next year. She also clearly says that she is happy with their relationship but it never gives any indication when things change. She wants to take time to understand life and the situations. After that, she also tells that her partner is also very understandable and supportive who always stands with her in many decisions. Along with it, she also said that she never hide anything and she let everyone know when they decided to marry.

Even, she also told about her boyfriend’s profession as he does not belongs to the entertainment industry and he is a businessman. She also clarifies that she finds everything in her boyfriend that she needs in a man who becomes her husband. Also, Devoleena Bhattacharjee has no relation with her co-stars in the entertainment industry and she never dated anyone who belongs to the acting field. Devoleena also quit Bigg Boss 13 in the mid-way because of health issues. She is a very successful actress who loved by millions of people all over the country.


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