Bigg Boss Tamil Season 4 taking many turns and twists at the very beginning of the reality show. Very high popularity containing show regularly entertains its fans by giving lots of drama and the Heart-Breaking Task. A very huge and famous personality Kamal Haasan hosts the show and makes this show more interesting for fans. Many fans are watching Bigg Boss Tamil Season 4 because of Kamal Haasan and he is a very important part of the show. Every week he comes to the show and gives his opinion to the contestants.

Rio Raj

After the first week, the reality show, Bigg Boss Tamil Season 4 and its contestants all are warmed up and ready to take the hardest task. In the first week, many crispy and small fights occurred for little issues. But, in the upcoming episode, there is another fight that makes the show more interesting and a new face will be shown by Rio Raj in today’s episode. Till now, Rio Raj played the game very easily and keeps him away from fights.

The upcoming episode of Bigg Boss Tamil Season 4 will be coming with many big fights and amazing tasks. Rio Raj heats up on Suresh Chakravarthy while Balaji questions Suresh about wearing a mask. Suresh takes Rio Raj as an example and wants to explain something but immediately Rio Raj shows his anger on him and an argument between both the contestants start. Today’s episode is looking very interesting and all the fans will entertain too much after watching today’s episode.

All the fans are waiting for today’s episode and want to see the fight between Rio Raj and Suresh Chakravarthy. Also, today’s episode shows the final list of nominated contestants for eliminations. So, Bigg Boss Tamil Season 4 will take many turns and entertain all the fans very much. All the fans will decide that the anger of Rio Raj on Suresh Chakravarthy is right or wrong and also everyone wants to see the final list of contestants who being nominated for eliminations. All the fans want to save their favorite contestants and excited to watch today’s episode. For more details about Bigg Boss Tamil Season 4, stay tuned with us and gets all the updates.


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