Biden Falling Off Bike Video: US President falls off his bike: On 18th June, the President of the United States Joe Biden falls from his bicycle nearby his home in the state of Delaware. After he fell on the floor, he was asked by someone whether he was fine or not, and he replied, that he is totally fine. Follow For More Updates

Biden Falling Off Bike Video

Biden Falling Off Bike Video

A viral video from the White House Pool shows the President of the United States falling, but he instantly gets up and says that he was all fine with a smile on his face. President Joe Biden was riding a bicycle with his First Lady Jill Biden at a state park nearby his beach home of Rehoboth Beach, Delaware. When he was fallen from the bicycle, he was asked by the witness if he was fine.

After the video of the United States, President went viral his well-wisher and his defenders started to worry if he got any kind of injury or not. Joe Biden replying to the small crowd of well-wishers and journalists; says that he had lost his balance when he was trying to put his leg at the bicycle’s clip. According to the White House Official’s tweet, there were not any visible scratches where the President fell.  Joe Biden does not require any medical recognition, and the President has decided to spend some of his time with his family on 18 June.

Joe Biden, the United States President is the oldest in the history of the United States, so his health has now become a topic to be discussed in the entire world. Joe Biden is again going to fight for the next election session of 2024. In 2020, November, President Joe Biden injured his one leg, when he was playing with his pet animal German Shepherds. In the month of November in 2021, Joe Biden was given a clean chit of him being properly healthy and strong.

On Saturday, President Joe Biden spoke to the media about the Chinese goods. Joe Biden told the media that he is thinking about the Chinese goods to make the inflationary pressures lessen, and he would fix a meeting over this with the Chinese President Xi Jinping in the forthcoming days.

Joseph Robinette Biden Jr. is the current and the 46th President of the United States. He was born on 20 November 1942. Joe Biden has been a member of the Democratic Party. He had also been the 47th Vice President of Delaware in the United States from 2009 to 2017, during this time Barack Obama was the President of the United States.


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