Bianca Valerio, who is a popular Versatile lifestyle known for presenting some of the popular brands in the world like Jimmy Choo, Zara, Uniqlo, Samsung, and many more. Currently, the host is grabbing the massive attention of people around the world after her Instagram post opened up about a dark instant of her life. According to the sources, the host, Bianca revealed that she was sexually assaulted by a man when she was invited to a private event she was hosting in June 23, 2021. The video post in which the speaker told about the dark side of her life.

Since the video was posted on her official Instagram page, she has become a topic among her loved ones and fans around the world. Along with the video, Bianca also wrote in a caption,” I WAS SEXUALLY ASSAULTED last June 23, 2021 by a certain male individual. He was one of the guests at an intimate private party I was hired to host for. I had never seen, met or heard of this man before that evening. He told me he was working for a very popular mobile app”. Well, Bianca did not take the name of the attacker but described him as “this cuddly teddy bear who was truly the Mr. PR he is known to be”.

Bianca Valerio Instagram Video

On March 31, 2022, Bianca Valerio took her official Instagram account and posted a video of herself explaining the whole incident that happened with her in an event on June 23, 2021. She spoke up about her experience of being sexually assaulted and allegedly by an unknown man she met at a private party in which she was hired for hosting the event on June 23, 2021.

She continued,” I was only made aware, after he sexually assaulted me, that first, he was never actually invited to the party I hosted… For exactly the same reasons I am speaking up today. That allegedly, I am one of many of his victims through the years. Secondly, this individual is actually a convicted felon, a man with a criminal record, from as far back as 2014″.

Addressing the attacker, she said,” I have survived many bullies like you all throughout my life… I never asked you for anything that night. I never asked you to buy me a drink. I never asked you for wallet credits. I never asked you for a ride home. I never asked you for narcotics”.

After they suffered from that whole night, the trauma lasted for a long time with her and the incident made her question her own actions and even she blamed herself.

Who is Bianca Valerio?

A 28-years-old Versatile lifestyle host known for presenting some of the world’s popular brands like Jimmy Choo, Samsung, and Zara as well. Bianca has been presenting everything from pageants to interviews. She began her career as a runway and print model and also become a Disciplinary Officer of the Professional Models Association of the Philippines. She has been engaging huge popularity on social media as well and has more than 37K followers on social media.


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