The popular German Handball League is back with another match of the league. The league is introducing back-to-back matches for the fans and again, another match is all set for the fans who have been watching these matches since the league has started. There are many matches have already taken place and the time for another one is too close.

bhc vs hsg live score

Many fans are getting ready to watch the next match but there are few hours left to begin the match. Tonight, we will get to see team Berfischer HC (BHC) and team HSG Wetzlar (HSG) will face off each other on the basketball court.

Many fans have been watching the matches of the league since the league has started and like all matches, this match will again bring lots of things for the fans including performance, skills, and strategies. Some of the fans are also want to watch this match on the basketball court and they can watch this match on the court as well.

Both teams will play their 7th match in the league. They will just have to buy the tickets of the match and they can watch their favorite player performing on the court. So, are you ready to watch this match? We are going to provide you with every single detail of the match including time, date, venue, and many more things.

BHC vs HSG: Match Details

  • Team Names:- Berfischer HC (BHC) vs HSG Wetzlar (HSG)
  • League:- German Handball League
  • Venue:- Uni Halle, Wuppertal
  • Date:- Saturday, October 16, 2021
  • Time:-  10:00 PM IST

BHC vs HSG: Team Squad

Berfischer HC (BHC):- Christoper Rudeck, Jonas Klama, Tomas Mrkva, Sebastian Damm, Tobias Schmitz, Jeffrey Boomhouwer, Arnor Por Gunnarsson, Yannick Fraatz, Emil Hansson, Max Darj, Jonas Leppich, Tom Kare Nikolaisen, Maciej Majdzinski, David Schmidt, Csava Szucs, Alexander Weck, Fabian Gutbrod, Linus Arnesson, Lukas Stutzke, and Tomas Babak.

HSG Wetzlar (HSG):- Emil Mellegard, Tomislav Kusan, Alexander Feld, Lars Weissgerber, Anadin Suljakovic, Ole Klimpke, Magnus Fredriksen, Lenny Rubin, Stefan Cavor, Patrick Gempp, Ivan Srsen, Till Klimpke, Olle Forsell Schefvert, Felix Danner, Adam Nyfjall, Filip Mirkulovski, Maximilian Holst, and Domen Novak.

BHC vs HSG: XI Lineups Player

Berfischer HC (BHC):- Linus Arnesson, Tomas Babak, Jonas Klama, Jeffrey Boomhouwer, Emil Hansson, Tom Kare Nikolaisen, and David Schmidt.

HSG Wetzlar (HSG):- Till Klimpke, Lenny Rubin, Domen Novak, Emil Mellegard, Maximilian Holst, Tomislav Kusan, Stefan Cavor, Olle Forsell Schefvert, and Felix Danner.

BHC vs HSG: Match Prediction

Both teams are ready to play their 7th match of the league and fans are going more excited to watch them on the court. We are going to analyze that which team has more chances to win this match so, team BHC is standing on the 6th spot with 3 winning matches out of 6 matches.

On the other side, team HSG is standing on the 10th spot with 2 winning matches out of 6 and they lose 3 matches. As per the sources, team HSG will have more chances to win this match against team BHC.


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