The movie is here that suffered problems because of its previous title. As per the details, previously the film was titled Ravan Ki Leela but when many people start protesting against this title and the issue has been raised because the name of this film hurts the sentiments of people.

bhavai boc

Later the makers have decided to change the name to ‘Bhavai’. The film is featuring Pratik Gandhi as the lead actor of the film. Here is the complete information about it including the Box Office Collection.

Bhavai Box Office Collection

As per details, the film Bhavai is released on October 22, 2021, and on day 1 the film gets good revenue and if we talk about the overall collection then we want to share with you that more than Rs 3-4 Cr. Yes, it is good and will be on the rise in the upcoming days. Possibly you will see the rise in its box office collection.

If we talk about the current box office collection then we want to tell you that there is no such exact box office collection is available. As we know you are looking for the complete business amount of this film then in this regard we want to tell you that Bhavai has above Rs 5 Crore business and it will continue to do more. Definitely, the details will come soon and we will tell you further information later in our articles.

Currently, the movie is available in your near cinema houses. So you can watch the film in your nearby Cinema. The film is awesome and you will enjoy the story as we can assume. If you watch some devotional mixup film then you will definitely love it. Previously featuring actor Pratik Gandhi appeared in the popular web series Scam 1992.

It was a web series based on the Harshad Mehta Scam which was happened in the stock market. After debut from this web series featuring actor, Pratik Gandhi got extremely well popularity and he got many other series and films. Currently, Bhavai is one of the films where he performed the lead role of the story.

As per the assumption, you will see that the film will get more revenue and it will do minimum of Rs 20 – 30 crore business. We predict this value because the popularity of Pratik Gandhi and the trailer of the film indicate such massive buzz among the audience. While there are several actors also who are performed very well.


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