Bhasudi is one Of the Popular web series for what people are waiting in this web series you will see lots of drama, action, thriller, and basically, it is based on crimes, here you will get to know every single detail of this series, such as the cast, release date, and story of the Web series, so let’s get started.

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This is an upcoming Indian web series which is a series based on youth. It revolves around the conspiracies of the youth. This web series is eagerly awaited because the plentiful action drama in the series increases the enthusiasm of the people.

Story Trailer

So now we are going to talk about the Official trailer of the upcoming film bhasudi which released on October 9 on Ullu. The trailer started with a barrage of abuses. Which further showed the fight between the youth and the leader. In the trailer, you see that a group of youths occupy a leader’s petrol pump and then a fight ensues between the leader and the youth group. The leader threatens the youth that I am in possession of this village which I rule and you dare to capture my petrol pump, its consequences will be very bad. So to see who wins in this battle, you will have to watch this series of “Bhasudi“.

The cast of the Web Series

  • Rahul Abhua
  • Prakash Singh
  • Tushar Mahajan
  • Bharat Abhua
  • Arjun
  • Rajvir

As per the source, all are the great actors, and they have performed in various web series, if you see their acting, it will hit you for six.

Release Date of the Web Series

Many of the people are waiting for the web series, and they long to know when it is going to be released, so here w will you, it is supposed to be released on the 9th of October 2020, so it’s not a long time, we can wait as long, very soon it will be available on the official app of ULLU, so do not miss it, and do watch the web series.


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