BGMI Masters Series Points Table Week 2 Day 3 Highlights: The first esports event that got telecasted on television in India, BGMS Week 2 Finals of the BGMI Masters Series is being played on the 7th of July. As the BGMI Masters Series started, it showed some of the clashes of lots of powers between the top teams that are fighting among each of their opponent team. Follow More Updates On

BGMI Masters Series Points Table

BGMI Masters Series Points Table

According to the reports, the team Goldlike is playing so well after a long period of time. Team Goldlike is at the top by making their positions at the 47th points in the 4 matches, but the other teams such as Rivalry Esports, OR Esports, Orangutan, and Chemin are at the touching points.

During the first match, the top teams were inspected entirely for their upcoming matches due to their previous performances in the Week 2 Q. However, the top teams played in the opening match of the Weekly finals. As it is known, the top teams had played the game by opting out of the exchanges, and as the team Godlike started to perform so well, the game started to become more potent. The team Xspark had also played so well at the start of the match. When the game started the team Xspark wiped out the Omega and Goblin, so Xspark could remove Team SouL. The final outcome of the game was that the OR Esports had made every viewer shocked after their actions.

BGMI Masters Series Points Table Week 2

The second match was played on the Sanhok map. Till the second match, the performance of all the teams started to improve, and the match had some progress. The Sanhok map worked so well, and the Nigma Galaxy, Chemin, and XO teams scored good points with the growth in their positions. Later, the OR team was out of the game, and the XO team won over all the other teams. By the end of the game, Attanki was positioned as the most valued player of the second match.

The Miramar map had organized the third match to be played. During this match, the team Godlike played with all their focus on the game, the team Godlike could rotate and control the zone with all their comfortability. Whereas the team SouL had failed to play their best. Team Godlike had taken their step as much as they needed to. However, the Rivalry team won the chicken dinner, and Admino announced the most valued player of the third match.

BGMI Masters Series Points Table Day 3

The fourth match was the most final match of the day, and this match was played on the Erangle map. After the performance of the top teams, the team Chemin was ranked in the 3rd position, and WizzGOD became the most valued player of the match.

The final outcome is that the team Godlike stands strong in its performances, as they have top the chart with 47 points from all the matches. After the performance of team Godlike, the Rivalry Esports, OR Esports, Chemin Esports, and Orangutan have also played so well.


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