Better Call Saul Season 5, has finally entered into its last run with episode 10. The last episode of the series was entitled ‘Something Unforgivable’. This one is a purposely less extraordinary experience than the last few episodes. We pick up right where “Bad Choice Road” left off, with a shaken Jimmy and Kim ensuring that Lalo is no more around them.

In this last episode, you will witness Jimmy and Kim try something different but it won’t reap the expected results. Nacho in the interim is trying to gather more data about the Cartel that will put his life into danger. On the other hand, the assassination planned for Lalo Salamanca will end up badly for the assassins and Nacho.

Let’s check out the story of episode 10, Kim and Jimmy had a close encounter with Lalo, stressed over their security, they check into a hotel. Following day, Kim returns to work there, she requests all the more free work and is shown a room, brimming with cases she can take to help without legal representation. She also bumps into Howard, who cautions her about what Jimmy has been getting up to without her notice. However, she dismisses his allegations.

Better Call Saul Season 5

Here, Jimmy goes to Mike’s home, where he discovers that this evening is the night for Gus’ arranged death of Lalo. He meets back with Kim at the hotel, where he discloses to her they no longer need to stress over Lalo, and afterwards, they begin discussing Howard. She proposes something astonishing that they outline Howard with the goal that the Sandpiper claim must be settled, netting Jimmy about $2 million of the common fund. In her mind, this is an evil demonstration that will assist her with accomplishing something great by permitting her to set up a free law office. This may propose that Kim’s move towards this act will turn things against her in the next season of Better Call Saul as Walter White’s did.

Meanwhile, Nacho is at Lalo’s compound, where he gets a call to open the back gate at 3 a.m. to let the shooters in. However, this plan begins badly and when Nacho escapes in the early hours of the morning and sees Lalo is still up. Nacho lights an oil fire to divert Lalo and lets the shooters in, yet the arrangement goes from awful to more regrettable. Lalo tosses the hot grease at one gunman to escape and uses the body of one of his bodyguards as protection to shield himself from the others. He drives the remainder of the shooters into a passage, where he shoots them to death except the burnt one, who he asks to call his boss and say the job is done.

With Lalo enduring this death attempt basically unscathed, things look terrible for Nacho coming of what we will witness in Better Call Saul Season 6, which has already been commissioned as the final season of the show. He has escaped retribution for now, but Lalo is sure to learn about his betrayal and be on the chase for him in the last episodes.


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