The food photography world lost an amazing creative today. Beth Kirby, better known to many as Local Milk or just “milk” passed away unexpectedly at the age of 48 from cancer – but not before she organized a quiz on World Down Syndrome Day that brought people together across borders with common interests! We are all richer for having had her inspire us and we’ll never forget how much you taught us about life along your journey labelling foods classically trained nurse A2s learning disability link.

Who was Beth Kirby?

Beth Kirby is popular known as an entrepreneur and founder of the Local Milk. The death news of Beth Kirby is spreading like fire on the social media. What happened to her? What a wonderful loss! I’m so sorry that you’re unable to continue with your lessons, Beth. You taught me so much and will be missed by all of us who had the privilege in learning from your amazing selflessness–a true role model for anyone striving towards greatness despite any disabilities they may possess or overcome on their journey as well-rounded individuals.”

What happened to Beth Kirby?

The journey to recovery is a long one, but Beth Kirby has been on it for over 25 years. She faced her own personal demons – addiction and insanity- before learning that by being present in life you can turn what would otherwise be unhealthy energy into positive creativity.

Chat with Beth Kirby and you’ll be hooked in no time. Her enthusiasm, diction (lyrically), gratitude for life–all have a slightly Southern flair combined with adorable laughter that is hard not to love! And when she revealed how lonely it got until three years ago when suddenly everyone was her best friend? We knew this woman’s story needed telling because there are so many people out here living alone every day who don’t know what they’re doing or why things happened as abruptly as they did back then.

Beth Kirby Death Cause

To be a Southerner is to live with both beauty and brokenness. This culture reflects the complexity that exists in all people, she said Beth believes this lifestyle can help you find your way through life by embracing its ups-and downs just like what we experience on our journey north or south when it comes down Southron pride–a sense of belonging but also knowing how lucky you’ve been so far because nothing lasts forever.


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