Here, we are going to talk about the experience of an Australian Tennis player Bernard Tomic with former Vanessa Sierra. Now, both names are very famous all over the world because of their works. Yes, Bernard is well-known for his outstanding performances in Tennis games.

Bernard Tomic’s OnlyFans cameo with Vanessa Sierra

On the other hand, Vanessa is extremely prominent for her sensational performance on the OnlyFans Platform. In an Instagram Q&A on Tuesday, Tomic replied that “Biggest. Regret. MY. LIFE” when a fan questioned about his “work experience” on the reality star’s OnlyFans website. As everyone knows, they both have an intermittent relationship.

Bernard Tomic’s OnlyFans cameo with Vanessa Sierra

Now, they both gained lots of attention from the audience for their illegitimate relationship and some explicit pictures. They are both already very popular for always remaining in the limelight and they again garner lots of concentration from the netizens.

Recently, former number 17 in the world post a story on his Instagram account and told his followers to ask anything from him. After that, one of his followers asks him about his relationship with Sierra. In another shot, he replied to this question with his face in his hands. As everyone knows that they are both already broken up.

Not only this but, he replied to his follower by saying “I mean guys, how many questions about her? Do you really want to know? I didn’t realize it was funny”. The pair last appeared in June, when Sierra broadcasted a video to social media that displayed a mentally insane Tomic destroying her laptop.

Let us also tell you that Tomic got his success and popularity at the age of 18 for reaching the quarter-finals at Wimbledon. Now, his relationship giving him another big hype among millions of netizens all over the world.

Let us also tell you that his career declined in his later years, due to a series of off-site disputes, including arrests and multiple police fines. After losing at the 2018 Australian Open, Tomic responded to a query about his profession being at intersections, saying he would be millions. However, in an Instagram chat, the 29-year-old stated that he has given up drinking and parties, and is working “very strongly” to continue his tennis career.

He said that he will partake in the forthcoming Australian Open qualifiers. Now, Bernard Tomic has been trending on different social media platforms and gaining lots of attention from the netizens.


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