In the previous episode of Colors TV show Bepanah Pyaar, we have seen the mystery at Raghbir’s house took a scary new turn. Pragati encountered a ghost in the house. Pragati woke up in the middle of the night by the mysterious noises; she decided to track down the source of the sounds. She heard the voice of someone’s footsteps outside her room and decided to follow the sound. Worried Pragati thought that she is getting sick both physically and mentally. She saw a woman in a red sari walking in the corridor with a suitcase. She followed the woman. The woman went into a dark room, but before she could see her face, she bumped into her mother-in-law, who mocked her.

Pragati tells everyone that she saw someone in a red sari with a suitcase. Raghbir’s mother got shocked to know this and remembers about Bani’s suitcase. Pragati went into the dark room where she saw Bani with the suitcase. Bani threw her suitcase on Pragati and Pragati fell down on the floor. Drunk Raghbir imagined his dead wife, Bani. All family members except Raghbir reached into the dark room and asked Pragati what happen. She told them that she has seen Bani in the room and that Bani deliberately threw the suitcase on her.

In Bepanah Pyaar 28th June 2019 episode, Pragati is facing new challenges every day. It seems like Bani’s spirit is trying to contact Pragati and trying to give her a hind about herself. Bani is a real hero who always manages to save Raghbir from all evils or problems. Raghbir’s family is worried that their secret can be revealed in front of Raghbir and the world. What will happen next? Stay tuned with us for all the latest updates of your favorite TV show Bepanah Pyaar and written episodes.


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