The latest episode of Colors TV show Bepanah Pyaar begins with Raghbir’s family discussion over Bani and the secret they have been hiding from Raghbir. Harshit says that the red mark on Pragati’s hand wasn’t a fake or prank. He tells everyone that it was real and that Pragati actually saw something which she couldn’t explain. He goes on to say that the secret is going to get revealed soon. Raghbir’s mother says that this is going on ever since Pragati entered into their home. His grandmother asks the rest of the family that what will they do about Pragati. She says that whatever happened with Bani was very wrong and they can’t stop her now.

In Colors TV show Bepanah Pyaar 27th June 2019 episode, Pragati faces another tough challenge. She gets a task of getting Raghbir ready as he sets to sign a major business deal. Harshit tells Pragati to change Raghbir’s wet clothes or else he will fall sick. Today’s episode of the show is going to e a treat for all Raghbir and Pragati’s fans out as it features a romance between Raghbir and Pragati while Raghbir imagines Bani in Pragati. He asks Pragti to unbutton his shirt. He then pushes Pragati on the bed as he imagines Bani in Pragati. He leans towards Pragati to kiss her but she stops him. Pragati gets hurts as Raghbir finds Bani in Pragati.

Pragati comes in her room and cries over the whole situation. Raghbir’s mother comes to Pragati and tells her that they are having guests at night and it’s Pragati’s responsibility to bring Raghbir simple and sober. Pragati comes in Raghbir’s room and tries to wake him up. She calls her dad, who instructs her to make Raghbir wake up. Raghbir wakes up and Pragati tells him that investors are coming home at night. The guests arrive and ask about Raghbir. He comes sober and meets the guests. All family members congratulate Raghbir as the deal gets finalized. Stay tuned with us for all the latest updates of Colors TV show Bepanah Pyaar and written episodes.


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