In the previous episode of Colors TV show Bepanah Pyaar, we have seen worried Pragati came to Raghbir and told him that she had seen a lady in a red sari, who was singing an old Bollywood song, “Kya Hua Tera Wada.” Raghbir asked Pragati what she’s talking about and where did she see that lady. Raghbir took Pragti to the basement, but his mother scolded Pragati and asked her to leave from there. Raghbir went into the basement room and lost in Bani’s memories. He was constantly plagued by his lady love Bani’s memories leaving him in a vulnerable condition. His family delayed Priya and Akshay’s engagement and brought him back from the basement.

Raghbir said that he felt like his family is hiding something from him and keep telling him made up stories. He said Pragati saw Bani in the house. He asked his family, “What Pragati saw, you all saw it as well, right?” He said you all know that Bani is in this house, but behaving like you dont know anything. He screamed Bani’s name in the house. His family members ask him what he is doing and told him to come to his senses. Raghbir angrily asked, “Why can’t you let Bani and me be together?” He said Pragati saw Bani in that room and that she even heard the song they used to sing. His elder brother explained to him that Pragati thinks he’s sick and she’s experimenting with therapy to help him lead a normal life.

Raghbir’s elder brother told him that Pragati didn’t have bad intentions; only her method was wrong. His father said Priya and Akshay’s engagement was canceled because of Pragati. Raghbir walked away from there while his family members worried what if he gets to know the truth. Pragati cried in her room, remembering what her mother-in-law said to her. His mother said to Pragati that she’s ruining Raghbir’s life and asked her not to follow what the doctor has told her. She went on to say that Raghbir’s condition is getting worse. Raghbir got extremely upset after learning about Pragati’s plan.

In Bepanah Pyaar 25th June 2019 episode, Pragat has seen Bani with her opened eyes in the Malhotra house, which is better known as mystery house. Bani’s spirit tries to say something to Pragati. It seems Bani’s spirit wants to give some hint to Pragati related to her death. Pragati determines to know the truth behind Bani’s death. Will Pragati get to know the truth of Bani’s death? Will Raghbir get answers of all his questions? What will happen next? Stay tuned with us for all the latest updates of your favorite Colors TV show Bepanah Pyaar and written episodes.


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